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Monthly 451


Welcome to The Monthly 451. I'm Martin McCarthy, and I have the pleasure of serving as Chairman and CEO of The 451 Group, parent company of 451 Research, The Uptime Institute, and Yankee Group.

We are excited to host our latest Enterprise 451 Event, the Storage Executive Summit, today in New York. Enterprise 451 Executive Summits are one-day, invitation-only events that are designed exclusively for enterprise end users. This summit, themed 'Modernizing the Storage Infrastructure,' will provide a 360-degree perspective for modern enterprise IT storage decision-makers, enabling them to make more informed technology-selection decisions.

At Uptime Institute, we are honoring the memory of its late founder Ken Brill by extending the scope of the successful Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards, which Ken founded in 2008. The Brill Awards for Efficient IT recognize efficiency in the broadest sense of the word—efficiency of capital deployment, technology, design, operations, and overall management. The Brill Awards for Efficient IT will showcase companies and technologies that improve the industry's ability to sustainably deliver IT services to the end user. Click here to learn more.

I’m also excited to highlight the launch of Yankee Group's Return on Mobility (RoM) scorecard, a new research methodology that calculates the value enterprises achieve from their investments in the platforms they use to develop, deploy and manage mobile technologies and services—in short, an ROI specifically for mobility.

For many of you, setting the budget for your 2014 cloud storage needs (or divining the right pricing strategy) is top of mind in December. Get some insight into cloud pricing tactics from our short, entertaining, video on 'Cloud Pricing 101' featured on our homepage.

And, finally, as always, you can meet up with our analysts at many of the upcoming third-party events. You can check our website for the calendar of upcoming events.

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Monthly 451!

Martin McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer

Enterprise 451 Storage Executive Summit

Our new event series, Enterprise 451 Executive Summits, is dedicated to enterprise end users, and these events have been very well received. In October we held our Information Security Summit, and in November our Cloud Computing Summit. The last in the series for this year is our Storage Summit, being held today in New York. This summit, themed 'Modernizing the Storage Infrastructure,' is an exclusive, invitation-only enterprise end-user conference that will provide a 360-degree perspective for modern enterprise IT decision-makers, enabling them to make more informed technology-selection decisions. The one-day agenda leverages Enterprise 451's unbiased source of quantitative and qualitative information to offer deep insight from 451 Research analysts, peer-to-peer best-practice case studies and 'best of breed' vendor interaction. Stay tuned for our 2014 Enterprise 451 Executive Summit Events Calendar.

Brill Awards for Enterprise IT Deadline Fast Approaching

The Brill Awards for Efficient IT recognizes efficiency in the broadest sense of the word—efficiency of capital deployment, technology, design, operations, and overall management. The awards recognize IT efficiency in five categories, across four global regions: North America, EMEA, Latin America, and APAC. Judges will consider the merits of projects in each of the five categories. At their discretion, as many as 20 worldwide Brill Award winners will be selected. The deadline for submission is December 13th.

The award categories are:

• Data Center Design
• Operational Data Center Upgrade
• Data Center Facilities Management
• IT Systems Efficiency
• Product Solutions

The awards will feature a streamlined application process, an expanded expert judging panel, a global structure that will promote participation across all regions, and wider opportunities for presenting these ideas before influential audiences. Click here to learn more.

Yankee Group Implements New Return on Mobility (RoM) Methodology

The focus of the new RoM scorecard goes beyond total cost of ownership (TCO) to measure ROI for enterprises through benefits such as application integration, employee productivity and customer experience. In doing so, Yankee Group's RoM provides a forward-looking research methodology that focuses on:

  • Evaluating providers against the current and future market trajectory
  • Analyzing current and future RoM for enterprise investments
  • Identifying where longevity exists for both vendors and enterprises making investments in these disruptive environments
To introduce this new methodology, Yankee Group has produced a pair of research reports focused on enterprise-class mobile application platforms. The reports score and rank 10 vendors in the mobile application platform space based on a custom survey of US-based IT decision-makers that focuses on key areas such as how successful platforms are in terms of mobilizing legacy business processes, in catering to a multichannel and cross-platform world, and in delivering real business value. Yankee Group analyzes which platform providers are delivering a strong RoM for their customers today, and which are falling short of providing the measurable results and must catch up in the near future to be competitive.

Click here to download the executive summaries for these reports. 

Upcoming 451 Research Analyst Appearances

New England EnCase User Group
December 5, 2013
Weston, MA
Analyst attending: David Horrigan

MarketPlace LIVE West
December 5, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Analyst attending: Dennis Callaghan

Dell World
December 10-13, 2013
Austin, TX
Analysts attending: Eric Hanselman, Michelle Bailey, Christian Renaud, Michael Coté, Chris Hazelton, Wendy Nather

If you’re attending any of these events and would like to meet with one of our analysts, please contact your Client Service Representative to schedule time. If you are unsure who your representative is, please contact [email protected].

Recently Published Research

Cloud Management and Automation | 451 CloudScape | William Fellows
As the worlds of outsourcing, hosting, managed services and cloud computing continue to converge, users can choose services that meet a variety of workload, policy and SLA characteristics. 'Best execution venue' (BEV) practices will be used to make rational decisions about how and where to best run applications and tasks. This report examines the adoption of cloud management and automation tools that are emerging to support the selection, provisioning, scheduling and dispatch of work to BEVs.

The Cloud Pricing Codex – 2013 |451 Internet Infrastructure Services |Owen Rogers
Cloud computing once promised simple, usage-based charging for resources, similar to other utilities such as electricity; unfortunately, the current reality is far from this ideal. Pricing methods for IaaS consumption vary hugely between providers, with each method having its own strengths and weaknesses for both consumer and provider. The 451 Research Cloud Pricing Codex represents the first step in understanding the true cost and value of IaaS offerings. The aim of the Codex is to simplify a complex economic landscape, so that informed strategies for the development and implementation of cloud services can be identified by providers, consumers and others.

Total Data Integration | 451 Information Management | Krishna Roy Matt Aslett
Data integration technologies have a critical role to play in delivering on the potential of 'big data,' by ensuring that emerging data processing and analysis technologies work well with each other, and also with more established approaches. By adopting an approach we call 'Total Data Integration,' a company not only gets a complete picture of its business, customers and products, but it can derive new insights that weren't possible when only structured data was brought into the mix. This report assesses the impact of big data in the integration space and outlines the key drivers shaping this sector.

Narratives – Wave 13 | TheInfoPro Servers & Virtualization | Peter ffoulkes
Compiling open-ended commentary from in-depth interviews with IT professionals, you hear the direct 'voice of the customer' discussing technology, their industry and the future of this sector.

Customer Assessments for Individual Vendors - Wave 13 | TheInfoPro Servers & Virtualization | Peter ffoulkes
Summarizing IT professionals' assessments for each of eight vendors, this report profiles individual vendors based on spending, vulnerability, and ratings on 14 categories. Time series are included.

Market Dynamics – Wave 13 | TheInfoPro Servers & Virtualization | Peter ffoulkes
Designed for IT professionals, this report captures highlights from the complete study, and provides business intelligence in the form of technological roadmaps, budget trends, voice-of-the-customer narratives and vendor spending plans and performance ratings.

Business Software Spending Continues to Tighten | ChangeWave Corporate Buying | Jean Crumrine Lusy Lisyanova
Last quarter, we saw a dip in corporate software spending. Now ChangeWave's latest business survey points to a further tightening in software spending going forward.

ISPs Offering Faster Speeds to Fend Off Competition | ChangeWave Telecom |Andy Golub Sayon Deb
ChangeWave's latest ISP survey has taken a close look at consumer attitudes and preferences toward their Internet Service Providers - including customer satisfaction, loyalty and future demand.

November Consumer Spending Remains Rocky but Holiday Shopping Looks Solid | ChangeWave Consumer Spending |Jean Crumrine Lusy Lisyanova
ChangeWave's latest survey shows a decline in US consumer spending growth for November, but holiday shopping is steady and even up a bit from last year.

Usage-Based Insurance in the US: From Evolution to Revolution | Yankee Group | Ryan Martin
Declining mobile voice and mobile data revenue growth means that mobile network operators (MNOs) must explore new and emerging market opportunities. The rise of usage-based insurance (UBI) helps solve this. And considering the segment's globally forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 67.8 percent for connections alone, this is an M2M subset that cannot be ignored. To be successful, UBI stakeholders must bring their value proposition to the forefront, and strategic differentiation will be the key.

MNOs Fuse LTE, Policy, Big Data and Self-Service for Differentiated Customer Experiences | Yankee Group | Sheryl Kingstone
The transition toward LTE/4G networks has been primarily focused on the benefits of speed. However, the networks also ensure greater transparency and offer an application- and content-aware experience. The fusion of policy and big data analytics with these network advancements allows MNOs to prepare differentiated service offers and real-time self-service for improved customer experiences.

Probing the LTE Network: An Essential tool for Driving Customer Experience | Yankee Group | Ken Rehbehn
With network usage shifting from voice-centric to data-centric traffic, and as all-IP LTE networks expand, mobile operators deal with increasingly complex network configurations. Radio access network (RAN) probes deliver vital end-to-end insight into mobile network operators' network performance. In hotly competitive mobile markets, having deep insight into network performance can make the difference between competitive success and failure.

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