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Congratulations on your Achievement

It’s not every day that a company completes such a rigorous program and emerges with a competitive differentiator recognized industry-wide. The next step is to work together to further differentiate your organization amongst competitors, peers and improve management’s perceptions across departments.

TEMP FOIL Job DC TCDD TIII newsletter Foils TCCF-TIII newsletter Foils TCOS-III Gold
Tier Certification of
Design Documents
Tier Certification of
Constructed Facility
Tier Certification of
Operational Sustainability
newsletter Foils MO newsletter Foils EIT
Management & Operations
Stamp of Approval
Efficient IT
Stamp of Approval

Proudly Showcase your Award
You and your teams have worked hard for your achievement, it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments. There are numerous ways to showcase your award and the substantial competitive differentiation it provides.

Once you have received the award letter, you are all set to move forward with your award-related marketing efforts. There are many ways to promote your award, from posting on your corporate website to building a full communication plan to promote the significance of the achievement.

Uptime Institute lists all awarded foils on our website to provide additional exposure and recognition. As you may be aware, Tier Certification is a multi-step process beginning with the initial award of Tier Certification of Design Documents. The industry views this award as the first milestone at the initial design level and anticipates the data center will now move forward to the construction phase along with the achievement of the Tier Certification of Constructed Facility. An awarded Tier Certification of Design Documents is a checkpoint for companies to demonstrate that the first portion of the capital project met design requirements and is now ready for the construction phase.

Because of this, Uptime Institute generally starts marketing promotion at the awarded Tier Certification of Constructed Facility phase. This is after completion of the rigorous validation process where consultants observe equipment and operational tests, demonstrations to prove Tier compliance, and after data center owners address deficiencies and discrepancies between the design drawings and installed equipment.

The following sections provide examples of how other awardees have leveraged and promoted their achievements. While these examples are not exhaustive, they represent a foundation of tactics for consideration in your promotional efforts. And, we are here to help.

Website Pages

A great opportunity to promote is through the use of your website. Take advantage of your existing individual pages to incorporate and display your award foils. Below are some examples of how an achievement has been incorporated onto individual website pages. 

website slider anim3

Uptime Institute lists all awarded foils on our website as the authoritative reference for certifications completed (Tier Certification, M&O, and EIT). Official foils are provided at the time of awarding and any questions on the digital foil images can be directed to the Director of Technical Communications at:

Press Releases

Completing one of Uptime Institute’s rigorous programs is an excellent opportunity to generate a press release to communicate your achievement. Uptime Institute can help strengthen your announcement by providing quotes, assisting with edits or review, or potentially helping to provide a connection to a media source.

Below are examples of completed press announcements.

Tier Classification Examples

M&O Stamp of Approval Examples
Ark Data Centres

PR anim
For additional information on press releases, assistance with language around the award, quotes or other questions, please contact

Social Media

Social Media is an effective way to quickly communicate specific messages to your followers and enable them to continue spreading your good news. According to recent studies, posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts, so try to include visuals whenever possible.  

Many of our clients use Twitter to send out tweets around news worthy events, like the completion of their award.  

  SocialMedia Twitter

Facebook and LinkedIn:
If you publicize your achievement through the use of social media, please let us know so we can support your achievement by posting congratulatory messages. We can also be sure to “like,” and “retweet” through our corporate social media handles on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

  SocialMedia FB

Email Signature

Your outbound email signature offers a great opportunity to showcase your achievement foil(s).
Below are examples of how a foil could be included as part of your company signature.

email signature2
* Remember that your achievement is tied to a specific facility and/or project

Corporate Communications

Your organization’s recent achievements can also be promoted as part of a corporate communication plan. This could include announcing to employees through existing internal communication channels to ensure that they can participate and share in your good news.

Internal Communications:
Clients have shared the process of certification individual data center sites have gone through, showcasing the significance of the achievement and highlighting the impact the achievement brings to the organization. 
NRI pg24 tear 

Company Newsletters: 
Newsletters are another good way to communicate achievements to an organizations staff. Depending on the space available in your internal newsletter, your announcement could be a derivative of a press release, a case study, or simply a few sentences explaining the process and the significance of the achievement.

Annual-Report outline     Sigma crop

Training Materials:
Most companies have some form of formal training for when new employees join a company or when existing staff transitions from one department to another. The onboarding and continuous training materials developed by organizations is yet another great opportunity to educate company staff on organizational achievements, awards, and certifications.

Annual Reports:
When annual reports are created, include a description of your achievement along with the foil image. This provides additional exposure to stakeholders and emphasizes the significance and value the achievement presents to your organization.
NRI pg32 tear

Sales, Product and Site Specific Collateral:
Many companies have both printed and digital versions of their sales and product collateral. Sales and product collateral typically consists of multiple documents that are aligned to a company’s products, services, mission statement and overall objectives. Sales and product collateral present another opportunity to further highlight, display and promote the significance of your specific achievement to your constituents. Based on your collateral design, foils can be included as an additional image reinforcing the significance and value the achievement represent. It is also an excellent talking point for sales staff to showcase and differentiate your organization.

CenturyLink tear     BBVA     TELEFÓNICA


Plaques and Displays:
Uptime Institute provides each awardee an achievement plaque that can be displayed on premise. Below are a few ideas along with examples our clients have shared with us.

IMG 1777 270x175

Building Lobby:
Uptime Institute provides a plaque that can be displayed outside of the facility, in your main lobby, in an award cabinet or room, or displayed in other public spaces (like a conference room, lounge, kitchen, reception area, or executive lobby, etc.).

AIG-Lobby 270x175 IMG 1773 270x175 IMG 1771 270x175
IMG 1779 270x175 LinkedIN EIT 270x175 IMG 1776 270x175


Most companies have some form of formal training for when new employees join a company or existing staff transition from one department to another. The onboarding and continuous training materials developed by organizations is yet another great opportunity to educate company staff on organizational achievements, awards, and certifications.

Site Tours
As you conduct site tours, discuss the impact your achievement has had on your facility to elevate your organization’s status. This also allows your guests to take note of your best practices and take that information back to their own facility. Including a stop in front of your achievement plaque to showcase and highlight the significance.

Talk up your Award: 
Make sure that you include a prepared segment on your site tour to showcase and highlight the significance of your achievement, and also to concisely emphasize the impact the process has had on your facility. Have a few specific prepared talking points geared to different audiences, (executive level or operations audiences) to pinpoint key resolutions and findings.


Conferences/Trade Shows, Company Events, and Award Ceremonies
Many organizations participate in a variety of large to small industry and investor-related events and hosted facility tours. Some companies hold ground breaking/ribbon cutting and recognition ceremonies and invite key company and project stakeholders to participate. If you’d are interested in having an Uptime Institute representative participate in your event, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Award Ceremonies:
Below you'll see examples of where Uptime Institute has been invited to present the corresponding award plaque to a designated company/project representative. 

1NET 147 Telkomsigma DataSpace-2 China-Unicom Tseung-Kwan-O-Hong-Kong 270x175
China Welfare Lottery 1 Cropped
Taikang Cropped
PTT Thailand

Conferences/Trade Shows
Industry conferences/trade shows are a great place to promote your achievement. Here are some ways to include your achievement into exhibit strategy tactics:  

  • Announcement of achievement in conjunction with conference media coverage
  • Hold a booth celebration/announcement of your achievement for your existing and prospective clients
  • Include announcement in digital press kit with foil graphic
  • Unveil your achievement plaque
  • Use the achieved foil as part of your booth display/visuals
  • Include the achieved foil as part of specific event collateral
  • Leverage as an additional conference talking point
  • Submit abstract for presenting to the conference community
  • Include in a looping booth presentation as an individual slide or header/footer notation
If you are in need of a second set of eyes in preparing for such an event, we are more than happy to review and provide feedback.

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