Why Attend

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As an Infrastructure or Operations stakeholder in your organization, you are charged with improving the performance, efficiency and reliability of your business infrastructure and critical systems. The theme of Uptime Institute Symposium: Turkey, Achieving IT Infrastructure Excellence is designed to help you be both prepared and well equipped with strategies for designing, deploying and maintaining data centers that are reliable, efficient, and responsive to the business environment.

Topics will focus on key issues facing datacenter owners and operators and will include sessions on:

  • Risk Management for IT Infrastructure
  • Data Center Design Trends and Challenges in Turkey
  • IT Transformation and the Impact on Data Center Design and Operations
  • Common Operations Pitfalls in Even the Most Advanced Data Centers
  • and many other topics...

To see more details on what will be discussed, view the agenda.

Uptime Institute Symposium Attendance Now Qualifies for CPD Credits

Uptime Institute has earned CPD Accreditation through The CPD Standards Office.

CPD Accreditation means attending the Uptime Institute Symposium qualifies as continuing education credits toward earning and maintaining professional certifications and designations associated with your profession.

If you are attending Uptime Institute Symposium: Turkey and would like a CPD Certificate after the event, please email Cynthia Bendula at: cbendula@uptimeinstitute.com