Regardless of the underlying design and infrastructure of a facility, well-informed management practices, systematic and documented policies and procedures, and effective training regimens, when applied and followed consistently, can insulate a data center from the majority of downtime risk.

To achieve your business objectives, meet uptime requirements, and mitigate risk, it is critical to unify operating behaviors with the functionality of your infrastructure. Wherever you are on the data center life cycle—from designing a new facility to managing aging site infrastructure—Uptime Institute’s facility management and operations methodology can be applied to improve operational effectiveness and reduce risk.

Data Center Facility Management

The benefits of a structured operations methodology will be fully realized when incorporated early in a capital project, starting with conceptual planning, then carried through design, construction, commissioning, and transition-to-operations—and ultimately applied consistently across the operational life of the data center. Uptime Institute offers a full range of operations resources and programs:

  • Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability for data centers that have been awarded Tier Certification of Constructed Facility and want to validate that they have the most effective and efficient operations in place across three key categories: Management & Operations, Building Characteristics, and Site Location
  • Management & Operations Stamp of Approval for existing facilities which have not undertaken Tier Certification but desire to benchmark and validate their operational effectiveness
  • Facility Management & Operations consulting and interactive workshops help data center managers develop, implement, and sustain operating strategies and practices that ensure maximum uptime, optimize performance, while reducing risk and operational costs

Unparalleled Data Center Operations Expertise

All of our Operations focused programs are based on Uptime Institute’s globally recognized Tier Standards, robust Facility Management & Operations framework, our extensive failure analysis research and knowledgebase, and insights gleaned from 20+ years of field experience working with hundreds of data center organizations around the world.