Efficient IT by Uptime Institute provides Enterprise IT organizations with a holistic, business-based approach to eliminate waste and reducing resource consumption in services delivery.

Dedicated to driving Efficient IT

Efficient IT provides a management methodology that evaluates, scores, and benchmarks Leadership, Asset Management, and the Data Center Design & Topology. This approach ensures close scrutiny, and eliminating waste, from data center power and cooling systems; the asset management of compute, storage, network; and—weighed most heavily—the Leadership (i.e., energy management plan, technology adoption plan, cloud strategy, KPIs).

Efficient IT moves beyond the best practices approach to a weighted systems of behaviors, based on multiple decades of research and protocol development. For Adopters of Efficient IT, Uptime Institute’s multi-disciplined subject matters experts have identified cost savings between 3x-200x the cost of the assessment.

As outside scrutiny of IT intensifies, and IT technologies fundamentally disrupt the build-operate-build-operate model of IT serves delivery, there is a growing business imperative to provide good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources. Efficient IT provides the IT industry its first and only credible and comprehensive award to identify accomplishments in reducing resources consumed.

Professional Services

Efficient IT Assessment

Uptime Institute’s Efficient IT Assessment is a holistic evaluation of enterprise leadership, operations, and computing infrastructure, to help organizations lower costs and increase efficiency.

DCIM Procurement Advisory

Direct consulting and advisory support for DCIM decision making, deployment, and optimization.

Server Decommissioning Workshops

Underutilized and comatose servers typically account for 20-30% of a company’s server install base. Systematically, reliably, and repetitively eliminating these servers can drastically improve your overall IT efficiency by freeing up valuable IT resources while lowering energy use.


Ready to learn more or see how others are leading the industry by subscribing to the principles of Efficient IT? Here are several resources that you may find valuable.

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Uptime Institute’s Longstanding Commitment to Efficient IT

  • 20 years of focused effort on improving management priorities and cross-functional communication
  • 10 years of Symposium
  • 8 years of Brill Awards
  • 4 years of Server Roundup
  • Multimillion-dollar investment in research, education and evangelization on energy efficiency innovation and best practices
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