Identifying performance, capacity, and engineering requirements? Designing a scalable plan to carry your facility through its entire life cycle? Balancing mechanical, architectural, electrical, and site considerations in the design phase?

These are some of the toughest strategic infrastructure challenges a data center organization has to address. If project requirements are not well defined at the outset, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars can be wasted during the design, construction, and operation of a facility.

Defining data center capital project requirements

To achieve effective budget management and long-term sustainability, Uptime Institute’s Performance Requirements & Design Assumptions (PRDA) assessment will set your project on the right path.

The PRDA is a comprehensive presentation of the information necessary to drive the design, specification, and construction of a data center project. You’ll receive a report that provides an outlined assessment of performance requirements, capacity (computer room, electrical, cooling), and other assumptions. Your project engineer and architect can use these specifications to develop an appropriate design solution, often cutting up to three months from the project timeline.

Technical Direction

Our expert consultants make an integrated evaluation of your availability, reliability, capacity, and performance needs, and your expansion horizon. The assessment looks comprehensively at business drivers and functional parameters, including:
  • Site Selection
  • Architectural Infrastructure Systems
  • Electrical Infrastructure Systems
  • Mechanical Infrastructure Systems
  • Support Infrastructure Systems
Uptime Institute consultants synthesize all these requirements to recommend an infrastructure strategy that will best meet your objectives, eliminating the need for extended design iterations. As a design evolves, the PRDA serves as a checklist to track design and construction elements and ensure the project stays on track to your business mission. It avoids multiple redesigns, reduces change orders, and ensures the resulting facility can be optimized for long-term operating costs and site infrastructure availability.

Additionally, the PRDA ensures long-term scalability with minimal cost and disruption. It includes capacity and functionality parameters that enable your facility to expand in the future without requiring critical load interruption or shutdown during construction.
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