The Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval is a stand-alone assessment of site execution that validates the critical facilities management and operations practices of an existing data center. Earning this credential demonstrates your organization’s leadership and provides third-party assurance that your site satisfies industry-recognized criteria proven to reduce risk and support reliable 24x7 uptime performance, regardless of the underlying design and infrastructure.

Human Error: Leading Cause of Data Center Downtime

The M&O Stamp of Approval is built around the fundamental notion that facilities management issues are addressable, often without a major resource commitment, and represent the single greatest opportunity to reduce risks to data center availability. Uptime Institute Professional Services assess your staffing; organization and training practices; preventive maintenance program; operating conditions; and planning, management, and coordination practices and resources. This thorough review provides accountability for the operations team, service vendors, and leadership.

Benefits of M&O Stamp of Approval

Earning the M&O Stamp of Approval validates the rigor and effectiveness of your facility management and operations and gives your stakeholders the assurance they need that effective risk mitigation is in place. In addition to reduced exposure to downtime, benefits of the M&O process include improved resource allocation, a more effective selection process for service providers, and increased market value for your data center.

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M&O Excellence Interview Series

Driving operational excellence across multiple data centers is exponentially more difficult than managing just one. Technical complexity multiplies as you move to different sites, regions, and countries where codes, cultures, climates and other factors are different. Organizational complexity further complicates matters when the data centers in your portfolio have different business requirements.

With little difficulty, an organization can focus on staffing, maintenance planning and execution, training and operations for a single site. Managing a portfolio turns the focus from projects to programs and from activity to outcomes. Processes become increasingly complex and critical. In this series of interviews, you will hear from practitioners about the challenges and lessons they have drawn from their experiences. You will find that those who thrive in this role share the understanding that Operational Excellence is not an end state, but a state of mind.

See how leading organizations are driving standardization with M&O Stamp of Approval:


"We sought a level of achievement to differentiate beyond what was expected or commonplace. Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval requires a level of rigor and aptitude specific to data centers that digs into, and recognizes, our operational achievements."

David Meredith
Senior Vice President

"This independent assessment (M&O Stamp of Approval) of RBC’s maintenance and operations processes ensures an objective evaluation. A testament that we are on the right track for best in class in the eyes of our peers and stakeholders."

Stephan Abraitis, PA, FMA
Senior Director, Global Critical Environments

Royal Bank of Canada


"If you have your processes and content down, getting M&O is the gold standard. Everything else becomes easy. Compare that to owning an SSAE cert—you might not be anywhere near qualified to pass M&O."

John Sheputis

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