Advanced Seminars

Uptime Institute's Advanced Seminars is an intensive one-day, in-person course focusing on in-depth reviews on topics key to the professional growth and development of industry professionals. The course will be administered by senior Uptime Institute staff and will allow for direct engagement with both staff and industry peers.

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The following Advanced Seminars will be offered in 2018:

  • AS1 - Advanced Mechanical and Tiers
  • AS2 - Advanced Principles in Critical Facility Management
  • AS3 - Advanced Electrical Solutions and Tiers
  • AS4 - Advanced Practices in DC Cost Management
*Courses are nonconsecutive and can be taken in any order.

Advanced courses may be taken by any individual, with or without previous attendance at any other course. The cost of the each of the above listed Advanced Session courses is US$2,485/attendee.
Previous graduates from ATD, ATS, and AOS base level courses will enjoy a reduced rate of US$1,985 per advanced course.

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Earn Professional and/or Expert Designations for your ATD, ATS or AOS Program Accreditations

Completing the base level courseware for ATD, ATS, and AOS programs is just the start of your journey. By completing additional courseware and submitting evidence of your mastery of the material, you can earn Professional and/or Expert credentials. These advanced credentials identify you as a master of the concepts discussed, and increases your business value to your current employer, all future employers and the data center community at large.

Accredited, Professional and Expert designations expire in two (2) years and can be renewed by successfully completing additional advanced courseware which covers the application of these principles in a modern data center environment.

Note: Professional or Expert designations represents neither license nor permission to deliver a) Tier Certifications of designs, b) Tier Certifications of constructed environments, or c) Operational Sustainability ratings or Certifications.

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Download Application for Expert Designation

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