Uptime Institute Symposium: Turkey

Achieving IT Infrastructure Excellence

Join Uptime Institute executives and industry leaders at Uptime Institute Symposium: Turkey, where attendees will hear about key issues and topics currently facing Data Center Owners and Operators in the region. 

Considerable and ongoing investment in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, in conjunction with rapid technological changes in the global marketplace puts continued pressure on data center owners and operators to design and operate their mission-critical facilities to the very highest standards.

Presented by Uptime Institute’s senior executives, and combined with case studies featuring leading IT organizations in the region, Uptime Institute Symposium: Turkey is a highly focused, one-day program for Infrastructure leadership and operations stakeholders and those tasked with improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of their business-critical infrastructure.

The program will focus on the strategies for deploying data centers that are reliable, efficient, and responsive to the business environment with the ultimate goal of achieving IT Infrastructure Excellence. 

Venue Details

Date: 3 October, 2018
Location: Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey

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