Lower Risk and Reduce Insurance Premiums with Tier Certification

Data Centers certified to meet Uptime Institute's efficient operations methodology demonstrably reduce the frequency and duration of incidents

Leading commercial insurance provider CNA has recognized Uptime Institute’s operational excellence programs for their ability to demonstrably reduce the number and duration of incidents in data centers. Any data center client insured through CNA who demonstrates commitment to Uptime Institute's standards may qualify for more competitive insurance policy terms and pricing with CNA.
“Data outages or interruptions can be catastrophic, and we are continuously looking at ways to help our customers reduce their risk exposures.  Uptime Institute helps CNA’s customers lower that risk through its Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability and M&O Stamp of Approval programs.” 
Stephen Douglas
Risk Control Consulting Director, CNA Insurance
CNA is the 8th largest commercial property and casualty insurance company in the United States.

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"CNA recognizes the importance of Uptime’s data center management process certification as one of the most significant ways to reduce the number of incidents and limit their severity, which results in reduced downtime and its expense"
Lee Kirby, President, Uptime Institute
Client Story: Reducing Insurance Premiums with Tier Certification

“When talking about lowering costs most engineers only think about lower utility bills and forget about lowering operating costs across the board, even including insurance premiums.

By making your insurance company aware of your Uptime Institute Certification awards, you can receive better terms on your insurance. It means you are mitigating risk and running a highly efficient data center.

In most companies, insurance premiums are only seen by the CFO. Data center operators need to take the opportunity to have a different conversation with their finance teams and up-level the conversation because you positively impacted the bottom line. We have enjoyed an overall premium reduction of over 10% with significant coverage enhancements after sharing our Uptime Institute Tier Certifications with our insurance provider”

Robert D. McClary
Chief Operating Officer

Uptime Institute's Data Center Operational Excellence Programs Include:

Tier Certification of Data Center Operational Sustainability This Program Includes:
  • Comprehensive assessment of Tier-Certified facility management and operations practices
  • Identification of facility management and operations issues that can compromize site reliability and performance
  • Emphasis on achieving operational best-practices to attain full potential of installed infrastructure
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Data Center Management and Operations Stamp of Approval This Program Includes:
  • Comprehensive assessment of existing facility's management and operations practices
  • Delivery of report for senior management with risk mitigation opportunities
  • Emphasis on risk assessment and opportunities to maximize performance of existing facility
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