Owners Advisory Committee

The Uptime Institute data center Tier concepts have grown from the publication in the late 1990s of the Tier Classifications Define Site Infrastructure Performance white paper to the de facto standard guiding design and investment for data centers globally. Uptime Institute is committed to the continued responsible and responsive development of this standard for the benefit of the Information Technology industry, but most importantly for the benefit of data center owners who provide the foundational layer of support for Information Technology systems.

In support of this goal, Uptime Institute is establishing a body of data center owners to provide insight and advice concerning the implementation of Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards. The Tier Standard was developed as and remains the Intellectual Property of Uptime Institute, which will continue to hold copyright ownership of the Tier Standard and related documents. 

Because of its long-standing relationship and common goals with the members of the Site Uptime Network (Network), Uptime Institute is inviting members of the Network to join in mutual pursuit of data center excellence through the establishment of the Uptime Institute Tier Standard Owners Advisory Committee (Committee). The Committee will operate in good character according to the Committee Charter.