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Company Name First to Receive Uptime Institute Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility in (Country)

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Certification Demonstrates Clear Focus and Leadership Along with Commitment to Region’s Important Economic Progression

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SEATTLE, WA – DATE, YEAR – (Company name and short description) today announced the company is the first in (Country) to receive the Uptime Institute Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF). This was achieved after a diligent assessment of all aspects of its facilities and operations by expert Uptime Institute teams from the United States and the United Kingdom.

(Paragraph describing the data center and accomplishment of the organization)

(Quote from organization executive)

(Paragraph describing company goals, investments, etc.  For example, for a Tier III award, the organization might tout the push for high standards, and validation that the organization meets global standards to demonstrate commitment to existing and future customers. (Example copy below)

The achievement will increase technical resiliency and operations management at key sites to achieve the highest level of availability for (Company) customers. Additional benefits of the upgrade include an enhanced colocation service, higher levels of redundancy, reduced risk, and facilities expansion to accommodate growing colocation needs. The upgrade also includes further development of sustainable features to mitigate rising costs of energy and are closely aligned to (Company) engineering and operations standards.

The new capabilities target organizations that value premium data center services and consider risk management as a major driver for data center selection.

(Quote from Uptime Institute – samples below – contact for a quote)

     “We commend (organization) for being the first colocation facility to be awarded an Uptime Institute Tier III TCCF certification in (country).  The certification clearly demonstrates (Company’s) commitment to its customers and unwavering focus on not only designing, but building a world class facility that meets the most demanding requirements,” said Phil Collerton, Chief Revenue Officer, Uptime Institute. “This data center will continue to support the region’s economic development as more businesses and related staff join the digital ecosystem and further strength (Company’s) position as a highly resilient infrastructure hub for connectivity partners and end customers in the region.”

     “We are pleased to award (company) with the Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification,” said (Name, Title, Region, Uptime Institute). “Achieving a Tier IV Fault Tolerant Design Certification illustrates that the facility meets the highest standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents. This ensures that plans are configured to meet uptime goals and provide the sustainable business critical infrastructure needed, and an important first step toward Tier Certification of Constructed Facility.”

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About Uptime Institute
Uptime Institute is the IT industry’s most trusted and adopted global standard for the proper design, build and operation of data centers – the backbone of the digital economy. For over 20 years, Uptime Institute has been providing customers with the assurance that their digital infrastructure can perform at a level that is consistent with their business needs, across a wide array of operating conditions. With its data center Tier Standard & Certifications, Management & Operations reviews, Efficient IT Stamp of Approval, and accredited educational curriculum for data center professionals, Uptime Institute helps organizations optimize critical IT assets while managing costs, resources and efficiency. Uptime Institute has become the de facto standard for data center reliability, sustainability and efficiency. Today, thousands of companies rely on Uptime Institute to enable their digital-centric business success.