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Data Center Due Diligence Assessment

Unsure if your data center infrastructure and operations are sufficient to support your business objective? Recovering from an outage? Contemplating a facility expansion or acquisition?

The Data Center Due Diligence Assessment (DCDDA) is a comprehensive review that examines both facility design and operations, identifies risks, diagnoses issues, appraises strategic value, and determines ‘most likely’ Tier rating. You’ll receive a set of objective, actionable recommendations for risk mitigation and remediation to close any gaps and align the site’s infrastructure and operation with the business requirements.

Get an unbiased assessment–what you don’t know may hurt you?

The DCDDA evaluates a data center from both the Topology and Operational Sustainability perspectives. In the Topology assessment we evaluate the existing infrastructure capability to determine a site’s strategic value to provide a reliable and stable environment to house IT equipment, and identify any critical risks. The Management & Operations review evaluates the facility management program and its execution to assess the effectiveness of behaviors and processes based on the principles of: Proactive, Practiced, and Informed.

The evaluation criteria are drawn from Uptime Institute’s definitive Tier Standard: Topology and Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability. The DCDDA results provide the unbiased information you need when:
  • Selling, acquiring, or investing in a data center
  • Considering an upgrade to design or facilities management
  • Following an outage or incident
  • Changing management
  • Consolidating a portfolio
  • Performing a third-party health check-up
DCDDA Outcomes
  • Documents the most likely Tier rating of the site topology
  • Identifies power, cooling, and computer room/space constraints
  • Reviews: Utility, engine generators, power backbone, UPS & batteries, critical power distribution
  • Reviews: Cooling/refrigeration plant (DX or chilled water), UPS cooling, computer room cooling
  • Reviews: Maintenance program
  • Reviews: Staffing, organization, and training program
  • Reviews: Space, power, and cooling capacity management processes

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