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Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment

Today, many organizations have created complex infrastructures comprised of multiple data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud. These same organizations have distributed their core IT business services across hybrid structures, greatly reducing their control and visibility in the process.

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment is designed to provide IT executives and staff a deep evaluation of risks and expected performance of critical services which span data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud.


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An Independent Evaluation of an Organization’s Hybrid Infrastructure

Our Digital Resiliency Assessment provides an overall measurement of the ability for your complex infrastructure’s ability to deliver specific IT services. By studying the complexion of each component independently, as well as how they are connected and managed, our team will identify key areas to consider, including the weakest links. This can serve as an essential guide to needed adjustments in the staffing, processes or technology in place, as well as future spending and strategic investments over time.

Quantify Risk

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment studies the composition and interactions between the various sub-systems in your hybrid architecture, and evaluates each sub-system on how it behaves in a combined service delivery system.

Assess Resiliency

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment provides IT executives and staff with a holistic resiliency assessment at the application and service level, regardless of the composition of the underlying platforms involved. This enables direct alignment between business requirements and the hybrid platform.

Take Action

Our Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment culminates with an in-depth resiliency report delivered to the client covering the expected performance of specific business services along with a listing of vulnerabilities and practical recommendations for improvement.

Five Elements of the Digital Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment

By considering each functional area independently, our Digital Resiliency Assessment protocols allows a view of IT service delivery as a function of the performance of each area. Each area can be studied and optimized as needed to assure IT services are deliverable at the levels needed by the business without inter-dependencies.


Organizational structure to align resilience capabilities to business priorities.


Mapping dependencies and investment priorities to business needs.


Evaluating platform performance, driving visibility and control of IT services.


Assessing network architecture, redundancy and performance testing processes.

Data Center

Matching infrastructure redundancy and operational rigor to workload priority.  

Outlining the Assessment Process

Phase 1

Data Gathering
Uptime Institute consultants will collect data about your organizational structure, hybrid IT infrastructure and resiliency objectives.  This initial phase is meant to identify current state of hybrid infrastructure, identify third party service & partner dependencies and identify key stakeholders in preparation for on-site workshop.

Phase 2

On-Site Discussions
Uptime Institute consultants will conduct in-depth on site reviews with key stakeholders to understand business objectives, map existing architectures, quantify organizational risk tolerance, identify critical services and review IT management and operations processes.

Phase 3

Delivery of Assessment
Uptime Institute consultants will prepare an in-depth report covering the expected performance of specific business services as well as deliver a score card of digital infrastructure resiliency effectiveness aligned around the five focus areas of the assessment.

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