Hybrid Infrastructure Strategy

Today's critical services don't have the luxury of living in a single purpose-built facility operated solely by your in-house operations team.

Delivering the performance end-users demand often requires deploying to a mix of enterprise-owned facilities, colocation facilities, private and public cloud providers and, increasingly, lights-out edge sites.

Delivering mission-critical services in an environment that you don't completely control requires careful planning and evaluation.  You need to understand not just the vulnerabilities of your own facilities and operations teams, but those of your various colocation and cloud partners.  

Uptime Institute has been the trusted partner of enterprise IT for over 20 years and our latest hybrid cloud infrastructure and resiliency services bring our expertise to the complex hybrid environment.

Whether you need help in developing your cloud strategy for the next decade or assessing and optimizing what you have built over the last decade - we can help.

Your Partner in Hybrid IT Strategic Planning & Assessments

Hybrid Infrastructure Planning

How do you weigh the costs and considerations of enterprise, colocation and cloud solutions? What is the best option to meet the current and future IT needs of your business?

Today's Enterprise IT teams have more options than ever to help them achieve the right mix of cost, performance, resiliency and compliance - but so much choice can cause "analysis paralysis".

Uptime Institute's FORCSS sessions teach you a methodology and framework for effective communication and decision making. 

Our consultants come on-site to walk your team through a structured process to capture, compare, and prioritize the various impacts of IT deployment alternatives against six criteria: Financial, Opportunity, Risk, Compliance, Sustainability and Service Quality (FORCSS). 

Sessions are designed to help you gain stakeholder buy-in, evaluate alternatives objectively and move from inaction to action in your hybrid infrastructure strategy.

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Hybrid Resiliency Assessment

Great job! You've moved from monolithic legacy apps to a service-oriented architecture.  You've got services deployed across a mix of owned and operated data centers, colocation partners and cloud to help you maximize performance and minimize costs. 

You've created an architecture that performs quickly and scales seamlessly, but what happens when things go awry?  With complexity comes risk.  62% of today's IT outages are attributable to cloud and colocation suppliers and most cloud customers have been with their provider for less than 24 months.  Today's hybrid IT landscape is more complex than ever.  What vulnerabilities have you introduced as you've scaled up and scaled out with your hybrid IT strategy?

Our Hybrid Resiliency Assessment looks at five areas of your hybrid IT strategy: Organization, Application, Platform, Network and Data Center.  The assessment helps you quantify the expected performance of your hybrid applications and services and helps you spot vulnerabilities in your organization, infrastructure and partners that can jeapordize your uptime.

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