Symposium Middle East 2016 Presentations

Uptime Institute Symposium: Middle East Presentations

Avoid Capital Project Failures: Tier Certification Explained

Mustapha Louni, Business Development Director – Middle East & North Africa, Uptime Institute

Any data center capital project is subject to complex challenges. In Uptime Institute’s experience certifying 1,000 data centers around the globe in over 70 countries, we have found the vast majority of data centers are not capable of meeting their owners’ expectations on day one. With multiple vendors, subcontractors, and typically more than 50 different disciplines involved in any data center project, it would be remarkable if there were no errors introduced or corners cut during the construction process. So how do you ensure your organization’s investment meets your business requirements? This is a keynote discussion of lessons learned from certifying the world’s leading data center organizations.

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Data Center in Cloud-Sharing of Industry Trends
Zhang Fan, Chief Solution Architect, Huawei Global Technical Services

ƒƒData Center Is Not A Single Site Any Longer. It’s A Cloud Now
ƒƒOperation Management Getting To Be The Top Consideration
ƒƒFlexibility Becoming More And More Important
ƒƒTTM Is As Essential As TCO
ƒƒFor Better Energy Efficiency, Operators Will Seek More And More New Technologies

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The Business Case For Efficient IT
Julian Kudritzki, Chief Operating Officer, Uptime Institute

How do IT infrastructure leaders demonstrate good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources? Executives, shareholders, and environmental organizations are increasingly scrutinizing the sustainability practices and risks of large companies. Business functions like Corporate Sustainability, Risk Management, and Finance are becoming more involved in how IT decisions are made. Stakeholders want more transparency in how IT resources are deployed and consumed. IT executives need to know how their efficiency initiatives compare against their peers, amongst their vertical, and the industry at large. To this end, Uptime Institute developed a score-based system to benchmark progress and identify areas for savings. This session will examine the results of Uptime Institute’s Efficient IT early adopters and show opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Applying Modular and Prefabrication Techniques for Data Center Optimization
Jack Pouchet, Vice President Market Development, Emerson Network Power

The Hyperscale sector broke the mold on data center design and construction years ago while the Enterprise and Collocation industries took a wait-and-see approach. The waiting is over. Recent trends indicate the overall data center & telecom markets have reached a tipping point embracing one or more concepts associated with accelerated construction, installation, and optimization techniques of modular and prefabricated construction. In this Keynote, Jack Pouchet, Vice President Market Development for Emerson Network Power will discuss numerous aspects and learnings from the application of enhanced design and construction techniques with demonstrated improvements in quality, accelerated construction time, and improved commissioning.

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Avoid a DCIM Procurement Disaster
Matt Stansberry, Senior Director of Content and Publications, Uptime Institute

Ideal for IT organizations with DCIM Systems that have overpromised and under-delivered, this session explores how to efficiently navigate the DCIM procurement process. DCIM buyers are struggling to generate a return on investment, and many IT organizations are now considering a second lengthy and expensive procurement cycle for these tools. DCIM can be an extremely powerful asset, and can provide organizations with insights and savings opportunities, but companies need to approach the procurement with a plan to unlock the potential of this software.

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Digital Transformation: Powered by Cloud
William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President, 451 Research

Every enterprise must undergo digital transformation to survive – it is a business requirement, not a nice-to-have item. ‘Cloud First’ is the organizing principle for enterprises focused on transforming their businesses, rather than creating and maintaining infrastructure. Being ‘all in’ on cloud’s consumption-based, service-driven operating model enables it to be used as an agent for broader digital transformation projects. What cloud transformation services are available, how they are being successfully deployed, and what are the gaps and opportunities for innovation in the market? As businesses expand their use of cloud, and explore the possibilities it offers, they are running up against some challenges – how could these be addressed?

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Common Pitfalls in Data Center Operations
Lee Kirby, President, Uptime Institute

Data center outages are typically blamed on human error – an operator’s response to an emergency situation. But responsibility for an incident, in most cases, can be attributed to a senior management decision (e.g. design compromises, budget cuts, staff reductions, vendor selecting, and resourcing) seemingly disconnected in time and space from the site of the incident. What decisions led to a situation where front line operators were unprepared or untrained to respond to an incident and mishandled it? What are the vulnerabilities even the most sophisticated IT operations teams overlook?

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