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2017 North American Fall Conference Recap

Where: Dallas, Texas

Occured: September 10-13, 2017

The Uptime Institute Network is a real-time, peer-to-peer interaction openly discussing best practices, fails, and saves to identify and solve new and known issues.

Our 2017 Fall North American Network Conference was a huge success!

This year's event delivered an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to collaborate with peers and industry professionals on challenging data center management issues, emerging technology and disruptive forces that impact data center availability.

The 2½ day program included content, actionable insight, expertise and real-world experiences from Uptime Institute Network members and Uptime Institute staff. 

2017 Uptime Institute Data Center Uptime Performance Awards

This award is a highly anticipated part of the annual Fall Network meeting and represents 100% Compute Availability as self-attested by the Network member companies. The awards recognize outstanding performance for data center management and maintenance. Each award is scrutinized for accuracy and co-signed by IT management to ensure legitimacy and each recipient has achieved a business milestone in performance. The common themes of success include teamwork, strong preventative maintenance programs, adherence to policies and procedures, and overall dedication to best practices.

This year's award winners, listed in alphabetical order, run the gamut from 10 newer members celebrating 1-2 years of uptime performance to companies with sustained uptime of 17 years. In all, 68 awards were given, equaling 412 total years of availability. Congratulations to all!

2017 Uptime Institute Data Center Uptime Performance Award Recipients

Fannie Mae
Kaiser Permanente
Raging Wire
United Airlines
United Health
US Bank
Wells Fargo

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2017 Award Recipients