2019 Data Center Industry Survey Results

The Uptime Institute 2019 data center survey is the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. The findings discussed in this report reveal what owners and operators around the world are thinking, doing and planning in the areas of efficiency, resiliency, workload placement, climate change, staffing, and new technology adoption.

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Major themes in the 2019 survey results include:
  • Industry continues to struggle in managing complexity of hybrid infrastructure
  • Increase in proportion of customer outages related to network and software failures
  • Still a strong dependence on privately-owned or operated enterprise data centers
  • IT workloads continue to move to cloud and SaaS providers
  • Enterprise data center capacity increasing, but colo and cloud capacity increasing faster
  • Lack of visibility, transparency and accountability are key roadblocks to further cloud adoption
  • Outages are increasingly spanning multiple data centers as users adopt hybrid infrastructure
  • Industry continues to struggle with staffing, finding it hard to hire and retain qualified staff

This report is an excerpt of a comprehensive report available to Uptime Institute Network Members. Members of Uptime Institute Network experience fewer disruptions, lower costs of operations, reduced unplanned downtime and can defend their IT choices.

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Report: Uptime Institute's 2019 Data Center Industry Survey Results

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