Data Center Training Programs

Uptime Education's data center education programs are your key to obtaining the essential practical knowledge needed to own and operate today’s modern data centers.

Investing in data center training from Uptime helps increase the knowledge base of your team, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risk by ensuring that operations follow best practices.

Participants will emerge from our training programs as experts in the field who understand how to align data center design, operations, management and sustainability with the needs of the organization. 

Each of our data center training programs are designed to allow students to start with the essential knowledge they need to do their current jobs and grow in their ability to meet more demanding challenges over time.

Uptime Education teaches hundreds of courses per year, both online and in-person in multiple languages and timezones. View our calendar to view upcoming courses.

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Data Center Education Programs

Uptime offers data center education and training programs along multiple tracks. Learn more about each of our courses below.

Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS)

Gain the knowledge and expertise to create and manage business critical data center operations to reduce risk and achieve uptime, performance, and efficiency.

Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA)

Amid the growing global focus on digital infrastructure sustainability requirements, now is the time to become an Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA).

Accredited Tier Designer (ATD)

Gain the knowledge and expertise to design and engineer data center facilities and systems to meet Tier Standards for uptime and performance. Armed with the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) knowledge and skillset, you’ll be equipped to design the premier facilities of the future.

Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS)

Gain the knowledge and authority to communicate data center needs to upper management and positively influence spending decisions. Armed with the Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS) skillset, you will be more effective at maintaining and improving site performance, reliability, and efficiency, and delivering business value.

Accredited Operations Professional (AOP)

As an Accredited Operations Professional (AOP), you will be better equipped to design and operate world-class data center operations than most of your peers.

Accredited Tier Professional (ATP)

Expand your knowledge and expertise to create innovative mechanical & electrical solutions for your data center that meet Tier Standards.

Certified Data Center Audit Professional (CDCAP®)

Plan and implement a strategic data center audit process. Analyze audit data to verify and baseline the status of the data center and create an action plan to reduce risk and improve the operational capability to support business continuity.

Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP®)

Create a comprehensive data center design that supports the critical needs of the business, examining in-depth the key constraints of data center functionality to deliver a balanced, efficient and sustainable solution.

Certified Data Center Energy Professional (CDCEP®)

Become an expert in data center energy management. Learn how to create an energy efficiency plan for your data center.

Certified Data Center Management Professional (CDCMP®)

Gain unparalleled knowledge, skills and competency to manage the complex technical environments of a data center facility and the ability to optimize its effectiveness by driving efficiencies.

Certified Data Center Project Management (CDCPM®)

Establish a robust project baseline and a comprehensive plan for a complex, high value data center expansion project that demonstrates an accurate interpretation of the project scope and focuses on delivering project success in support of business strategy.

Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®)

Create a sustainability strategy and business implementation plan for transformation towards a credible sustainability lifecycle, that demonstrates innovation and challenges business ethos whilst being sensitive to business risk and continuity.

Certified Data Center Technician Professional (CDCTP®)

Excel in a highly skilled and efficient technical team charged with optimizing the operational capability and productivity of the data center to meet the evolving demands of the business.

Competency & Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM®)

The World’s First Competency & Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM®) Tool for the Digital Infrastructure Industry

Data Center Fundamentals (DCF®)

De-mystify the complex world of data centers. Gain a structured overview of the data center environments, the role of a data center and key operational aspects.

Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management

Data centers need highly capable leaders and managers - individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.

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