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Uptime Institute’s accredited data center training programs are your key to obtaining the essential practical knowledge needed to own and operate today’s modern data centers.

Investing in accredited data center training from Uptime Institute helps increase the knowledge base of your team, improve operational efficiency, and reduce business risk by ensuring that operations follow best practices for tier certification standards.

Participants are led by our data center professionals and are taught the same best practices that we use in our data center consulting services.

Participants will emerge from our accredited training programs as experts in the field who understand how to align and support data center infrastructure, operations and sustainability with the needs of the organization. 

Each of our four core data center training programs are designed to allow students to start with the essential knowledge they need to do their current jobs and then grow in their ability to meet more demanding challenges over time.

Our two Professional designation courses, Accredited Tier Professional and Accredited Operations Professional, provide graduates with an opportunity to continue their education for additional specialization.

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Accredited Data Center Training Programs

Uptime Institute offers data center education and training programs along four tracks, focused on data center design, management and operations and sustainability.

Accredited Tier Designer

Accredited Tier Designer

Program Overview

The Accredited Tier Designer program provides instruction to licensed, professional data center engineers, designers and project managers in design management roles on practical application of the Uptime Institute Tier Data Center Design Standards.

Who Should Enroll

Design-Build Team Senior Project Managers
Project Owner Senior Engineering Representatives
Professional Engineers with a Design Management Role
Accredited Tier Specialist

Accredited Tier Specialist

Program Overview

The Accredited Tier Specialist program provides instruction for the data center management team directly responsible for data center’s uptime. Training is centered around Uptime Institute Tiers Standards as well as the importance of staffing, training, planning and operations of data center infrastructure.

Who Should Enroll

Architects Project Managers
Non-licensed Design Professionals Consultants
Builders/General Contractors Sales Engineers
Network Architects Enterprise Architects
Accredited Operations Specialist

Accredited Operations Specialist

Program Overview

The Accredited Operations Specialist program provides instruction to achieve a complete understanding of the concepts and criteria to develop a comprehensive world class Management & Operations program for a critical facility.

Who Should Enroll

Critical Facility Operators Professional Operations Managers
Data Center Facility Managers  Project Managers
 Consultants  Network Architects
 Enterprise Architects  
Accredited Sustainability Advisor

Accredited Sustainability Advisor

Program Overview

The Accredited Sustainability Advisor program provides instruction on the fundamentals and practical knowledge of sustainability concepts, industry trends, and regulations to enable development of a comprehensive, world-class data center sustainability program.

Who Should Enroll

Data Center Sustainability Executives Data Center Managers
IT and Facility Engineers Analysts and Industry Experts

Training & Education for Data Center Professional Development

Students enrolled in any of these programs above will receive intensive training delivered by the actual project practitioners at Uptime Institute.

These courses provide that needed experiential knowledge and foundation understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a reliable data center infrastructure that meets the needs of the business.

Whether you are a data center designer, operator, or IT business manager; fully accredited courses are available from Uptime Institute to meet your specific needs.

Successful completion of any of these courses provides the graduate with the world-renowned accreditation certificate which demonstrates your commitment to data center excellence.

Once certified, you will join an alumni network of graduates around the world.

For those students who wish to go further and gain additional levels of experience and content depth through advanced courses, Uptime Institute offers additional “Professional” level courses.


Accredited Tier Professional


Accredited Operations Professional

Uptime Institute Training Courses Qualify for CPD Credits

Uptime Institute has earned CPD Accreditation through The CPD Standards Office.

CPD Accreditation means taking Uptime Institute Accredited Training Courses qualifies as continuing education credits toward earning and maintaining professional certifications and designations associated with your profession.

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