Uptime Institute is committed to sharing knowledge, insights, and proven methodologies with the industry at large–both at our own corporate events and by participating as thought leaders in events around the globe. Below is a list of events we are participating in.

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Data Centre World

 DCD Mumbai - 9 November 2017 - Mumbai, India

Thomas Baer presenting
  1. Data Center Management Risks - A Global Perspective

Data Centre World

 DCD Hong Kong - 10 November 2017 - Hong Kong

Dengke Yu presenting
  1. How will loT, Edge and the evolution of analytics shape the Hong Kong of tomorrow?

Data Centre World

DCW Paris - 15-16 November 2017 – Paris, France 

Phil Collerton presenting
  1. Data Center Survey Results & Analysis(Presentation in French) 

Sylvie Le Roy presenting
  1. Standards and Certification in a Hybrid IT World(Presentation in French) 
  2. Data Center Management and Operations Workshop(Presentation in French) 

CAPRE Seattle - 15-16 November 2017 – Seattle, WA 

Julian Kudritzki will participate in a panel on:
  1. Data Center Management & Operations: New Strategies for Reducing Cost without Increasing Risk
Data Centre World

IMN Chicago - 16-17 November 2017 – Chicago, IL 

Keith Klesner will participate in a panel on:
  1. Evaluating your Physical Expansion Options… Should you Build New or Colocate? One Large Data Center vs. Smaller Scattered Sites? Rightsize vs. Big Shell?


DCD Philippines 23 November 2017 – Peninsula Hotel, Manila

Philip Hu presenting
  1. Strategies to Minimize Risk

DCW Frankfurt - 28-29 November 2017 – Frankfurt, Germany 

Scott Roots presenting
  1. Hybrid Data Center Strategies: Standards and Certifications  

Scott Roots presenting
  1. Telecommunications Panel discussion 
  2.  Data Center Management and Operations Workshop 

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