Tier Certification


When you’re putting millions of dollars into building a new data center, you want to ensure that the facility is going to provide the level of IT performance and reliability that satisfies your business objective for 24 x 7 availability. At the same time, the project has to balance risk management, energy efficiency, and cost considerations, and ultimately deliver ROI.

Tier Certification of Design Documents

Tier Certification of Design Documents ratifies the functionality and capacity evidenced in the engineering and architectural specifications of your facility design. Before breaking ground on a major capital construction project, make sure that the plans are configured to meet your uptime goals and provide the sustainable business critical infrastructure that your organization requires.

Uptime Institute Professional Services is the only entity licensed to rate and Certify data center designs according to the Tier Classification System. Independent of any Engineer-of-Record or manufacturer affiliation, Uptime Institute Professional Services consulting teams provide the unbiased third-party validation recognized as the preeminent data center credential for more than two decades.

Tier Certification of Design Documents is based on a rigorous set of criteria covering mechanical, electrical, structural, and site elements, as defined in Tier Standard: Topology. Our experts will review your design documents and provide consulting support to guide a final design compliant with your desired Tier rating. Additionally, you’ll receive recommendations to enhance Operational Sustainability for long-term robust performance.

Tier Certification Benefits

Achieving a Tier rating signals to investors, customers, and the marketplace, that your facility meets the highest standards for infrastructure (Topology) functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents. It validates that the system design is consistent with your uptime objectives. Tier Certification helps align the infrastructure design with the business mission, ensuring that your organization’s significant capital investment yields the desired result.

All Tier Certification of Design Documents awards issued after 1 January 2014 will expire two years after the award date. This does not impact Tier Certification of Design Documents issued or contracted prior to that date.

Tier Certification of Design Documents is a prerequisite for Tier Certification of Constructed Facility.

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