Tier Gap Analysis

Capital projects are far to costly to hope they meet their objectives–find out how likely they are in advance.

Uptime Institute Tier Gap Analysis™ provides a summary review and commentary of select, relevant design documents to identify capital-level differences within the Tier objective. This is not a Certification, but a report of the major, capital-level deficiencies to the Tier objective. The Tier Gap Analysis provides the owner an overview highlighting those deficiencies that will have the largest impact on achieving their Tier Certification objectives. With a Tier Gap Analysis the owner can better understand the large Tier issues and most effectively evaluate the appropriate investment in both the site infrastructure and the Tier Certification process. A Tier Gap Analysis will focus on the engine generators, power backbone, UPS, critical distribution, mechanical plant, and computer room cooling; this review does not cover the entirety of the subsystems reviewed for Tier Certification.

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