Uptime Institute Membership serves as a professional development platform for your staff, featuring continuous learning opportunities in an environment that is confidential and free of vendor bias or sales pitches.

Membership is the industry’s largest community of end-user professionals responsible for the development, management, and operation of mission critical digital infrastructure. 

Membership provides member companies and their employees with independent, unbiased intelligence on trends and best practices in the digital infrastructure industry.

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Exclusive Benefits of Uptime Institute Membership

Uptime Institute Membership provides a platform for continuous education and professional development across your team through a mix of virtual and in-person events, exclusive research, briefings with our Uptime Institute Intelligence organization and a rich community of your peers to share learnings and best practices across the industry, on a global basis.

Uptime Institute Membership is open to all employees in your organization - allowing you to develop your staff around digital infrastructure best practices from design to operations to compliance - and from junior to senior to executive staff.


Access to Inside Track

Inside Track is the online community for Uptime Institute Membership.

Inside Track is a real-time communications portal which enables Members from all over the world to share ideas, gain experience and solve real-world challenges by learning from each other - as well as access the full library of Uptime Intelligence research and reports available exclusively to Uptime customers.
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30 Years of Industry Leadership

For nearly 30 years, Uptime Institute has defined the industry standard for critical infrastructure certification through our Tier Standards and driven continuous improvement in the industry around digital infrastructure resilience and sustainability.

Uptime Institute Membership was launched back in 1993, then called Uptime Institute Network, and has connected thousands of members with actionable recommendations, industry expertise and digital infrastructure thought leadership - helping our members align their data center design, management and operations programs with industry best practices.



Explore our Research Roadmap

While the digital infrastructure industry is in a state of constant change, our Uptime Institute Intelligence team maintains a Membership Calendar to provide a roadmap for key themes and topics they’ll be researching throughout the year.

These core Intelligence themes translate into a series of Webinars, Member Roundtable discussions, short-form Intelligence Briefings and long-form Research Reports available exclusively to Uptime Institute Members.


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Uptime Institute Membership is open to companies who own and operate their own digital infrastructure or use colocation or cloud providers to power their critical IT needs.

Uptime Institute Membership is not open to equipment vendors, suppliers, consultants or engineering firms.

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