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Today's digital workloads are spread across a broad fabric of enterprise data centers, colocation providers, public and private cloud providers, SaaS services and edge sites. 

These distributed infrastrutures and complex dependencies on remote sites, technology partners and third-party services create business risk.  Risk that is often difficult to identify, before it is too late.

Uptime Institute has spent over two decades specializing in digital infrastructure.  While our history had us focusing on topology and operations best practices - many of our clients need additional services based on their unique needs. 

Our decades of deep technical expertise assessing and certifying thousands of data centers around the world provides us with unique expertise to help you plan for and execute on the next stage of your digital infrastructure roadmap.  

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Digital Resiliency Assessment

Many organizations have complex infrastructures made up of multiple data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud. While these infrastructures offer new capabilities, widely distributing your core IT business services across hybrid structures can greatly reduce the level of control and visibility available.

Our Digital Resiliency Assessment provides IT executives and staff with a thorough evaluation of risks, as well as the expected performance of critical services that span data centers, colocation facilities and the cloud.


Between hosted, enterprise, colocation and cloud solutions, your business can choose from many IT deployment methods. However, weighing the advantages and drawbacks and considering factors such as stakeholder priority lead to a difficult decision-making situation.

Uptime Institute launched Financial, Opportunity, Risk, Compliance, Sustainability and Service Quality — or FORCSS® — as a data center deployment consulting service to help data centers understand their options and make the best choice by comparing potential impacts.

Custom Consulting

The pace of change in the digital infrastructure industry has never been quicker. 

Data center owners and operators struggle with deployment and expansion strategies, financial modeling of their technology roadmap and fundamental questions about best compute venue for their future mission critical workloads.

Colocation and cloud providers have their own set of challenges - demand forecasting in a rapidly changing landscape, market positioning with new competitors entering and exiting the market daily, and designing effective go-to-market strategies tailored to their unique competitive advantages. 

Answering these tough questions requires both a depth of technical expertise and a breadth of market knowledge.  Uptime is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements.  Our custom consulting services provide tailored approaches to solving your toughest challenges when it comes to digital infrastructure. 

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