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Uptime Institute and TIA agree on clear separation

Uptime Institute and TIA agree on clear separation between their respective benchmarking systems
to avoid industry confusion and drive accountability

New York, NY & Arlington, VA—The Uptime Institute and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) today announced steps to bring success to the future of the data and communications industry by establishing a clear and concise lexicon for the design of data centers as they are planned, constructed and operated worldwide.  Both the Uptime Institute and TIA believe that it is in the best interests of the industry to permanently differentiate their respective data center infrastructure benchmarking systems and going forward, TIA will revise the ANSI/TIA-942/TIA-942A Standard to remove the word ‘Tier.’

“We appreciate the willingness of TIA and the TR-42 Engineering Committee to work together on this matter,” said Julian Kudritzki, Uptime Institute COO.  “Clear ownership of a benchmarking system is key to its utility, consistency, and accountability.  By disentangling our respective terminologies, both TIA and Uptime Institute are better able to pursue the independent development of standards and programs as each sees fit.  We are confident that this is the lasting and public solution for the issue.”

“TIA and the Uptime Institute share the vision of greater efficiency to data center designs.  TIA’s TR-42 Engineering Committee will continue to establish and improve voluntary consensus-based standards that enable the data centers which our consumers and businesses demand,” said Grant Seiffert, President of TIA. “Working with the Uptime Institute on this and other issues demonstrates the best aspects of what TIA can do to help the communications industry meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

The Uptime Institute created the standard Tier Classification System in the mid-1990s as a means to effectively evaluate data center infrastructure as it relates to business requirements for system availability.  The Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System provides a consistent method to compare typically unique, customized facilities based on expected site infrastructure performance, or uptime.

TIA member company experts have long focused on the need to support the deployment of advanced communications networks.  TIA’s TR-42 committee leads the industry in expertise for structured cabling and it is their designs, ideas and vision which create the foundation for robust networks in all areas of our built environment.

About Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute, a division of The 451 Group, provides independent thought leadership, certification, education and professional services for the global data center industry. Uptime Institute is best known for its creation and global administration of the Tier Standard for Data Center Design, Construction and Operational Sustainability. Uptime Institute has office locations in the U.S., Costa Rica, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Visit www.uptimeinstitute.com for more information.

About TIA

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) represents manufacturers and suppliers of global communications networks through standards development, policy and advocacy, business opportunities, market intelligence, and events and networking. TIA enhances the business environment for broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite and unified communications. Members' products and services empower communications in every industry and market, including healthcare, education, security, public safety, transportation, government, the military, the environment, and entertainment. Visit tiaonline.org for more details.

TIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and is a proud sponsor of ANSI’s Standards Boost Business campaign. Visit www.standardsboostbusiness.org for details.


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