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Volume 4 of The Uptime Institute Journal is the second in the series to examine the challenges of data center operations and management. The articles look at how large enterprises solved real-world problems of such as reliability, cooling inefficiencies, and dated electrical infrastructure in live facilities.

This year, Uptime Institute has significantly applied our thought leadership to ensuring that enterprises can better deploy their resources (both financial and staff) and reduce the chronic waste that has been a longstanding issue in our industry. At its core, this is a management challenge, not a technology solutions decision and a longstanding mandate for Uptime Institute.

Uptime Institute Network members and winners of 2014 Brill Awards for Efficient IT wrote the bulk of these articles. Uptime Institute staff industry professionals and experts in the field  contributed to many of the articles as well. This edition of the Journal features several noteworthy management-related pieces. The article "A Holistic Approach to Reducing Resource Consumption in Enterprise IT" should be of particular interest to readers. Other staff-written articles investigate staffing, commissioning, and methods of procedure.

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About The Uptime Institute Journal

The Uptime Institute Journal represents Uptime Institute’s ongoing commitment to support knowledge sharing in the data center community.

Uptime Institute conceived The Uptime Institute Journal in 2013 as a way to promote thought leadership, innovation, and proven methodologies of various disciplines and professions within the data center industry. Its mission is to showcase world-class projects, recognize individual- or team-level accomplishments, and further the industry at large. This publication is committed to senior-level, peer-to-peer knowledge transfer — expertise provided by the individuals responsible for development, execution, or oversight of major data center initiatives.

Editors of The Uptime Institute Journal solicit articles from around the world, focusing their attention on facilities, techniques, and ideas that have been validated by Uptime Institute standards, findings, and experience or by extraordinary success in real-world applications. The editors value contributions from authors with hands-on experience.

To date, contributors to The Uptime Institute Journal have included Accredited Tier Designers (ATDs), Accredited Tier Specialists (ATSs), Network Members from all four regions (North America, EMEA, Latin America, Asia-Pacific), and Tier Certification awardees, as well as Uptime Institute’s technical staff, with field experience in dozens of countries. Collectively, these contributors have described facilities located around the globe, including the U.S., Middle East, Russia, South Africa, Australia, China, and Latin America.

Future issues will include articles submitted in response to a wide call for submissions, drawn from the Brill Awards for Efficient IT, Uptime Institute Network presentations, and Uptime Institute Tier Certifications, all complemented by articles developed directly by Uptime Institute’s own subject-matter experts.

The editors of The Uptime Institute Journal actively seek articles describing best practices, examining new technologies, or exhibiting thought leadership from industry professionals. Contact Kevin Heslin at to contribute an article or a topic proposal. We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome any suggestions or comments. 


Infographic: A Tale of Two Data Centers

Every data center management choice produces a result.

It can take your organization down the path towards efficiency and cost savings, or lead to wasted resources and money. How to handle the problem of “comatose” servers (servers that have been abandoned by application owners and users but are still racked and running) is one of those choices. Using the results achieved by real-world data centers, we show in infographic format how server decommissioning can affect the bottom line.

It’s not just the servers themselves, but a whole host of associated costs that magnify the impact of each decision you make. See two contrasting scenarios play out over time: keeping comatose and underutilized servers running, or beginning an audit and decommissioning initiative today. Learn how you can save millions and be a real world success story… and avoid becoming a cautionary tale.


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Executive Handbook: Risk Management for IT Infrastructure

Executive Handbook: Risk Management for IT InfrastructureUptime Institute has created the "Risk Management for IT Infrastructure" Executive Handbook to help world-class IT organizations better understand and address the risks associated with IT infrastructure decision making in today's high stakes technology landscape.  

This publication is comprised of a collection of articles and tools to help Risk and IT executives identify IT risks, assess organizational exposures, and deploy processes and procedures to minimize IT risk factors, reduce failure rates and mitigate damages within IT organizations and across the broader enterprise.


Articles and tools included in this complimentary handbook include:


  • 2016 Data Center Industry Survey Results
  • Data Center Walkthrough Checklist
  • Why Effective Governance Needs Industry Certifications
  • Avoiding Data Center Capital Project Failures
  • Balancing Life Safety, Infrastructure Investment and Downtime
  • Complex Systems Failure Theory
  • Apply Efficient IT Principles to Address Sustainability Risks
  • IT Resilience During a Natural Disaster
  • A Holisitic Approach to Vendor Selection for Cloud and Colocation

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Infographic: The Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing

“Business as usual” is not only expensive–it is a missed opportunity.

Efficient IT may not be at the top of your corporate management priority list—but it should be. People often mistake steady state for steady expense outlay. But “business as usual” is massively expensive due to rising operating costs, rising energy prices, and ongoing capital expenditures needed just to keep up with the growing demands of the business. All of these factors contribute to The Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing.

This infographic examines a typical data center scenario and calculates the opportunity cost of continued wasteful expenditure, contrasted with the rapidly expanding benefits of implementing a few efficiency measures and making minimal system investments. Learn how to start saving millions of dollars—or even hundreds of millions—in expenses so you can put that money towards the future of your business—today.

Infographic: Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing 

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Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks

Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks

Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks

Uptime Institute has created the "Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks" guide to help world-class IT organizations better understand and address the risks associated with data center facilities management in today's high stakes technology landscape.  

This publication is comprised of 14 top considerations around designing and running an enterprise-grade data center facilities management program.

Areas of Discussion Include:

  • Monitoring and Managing Staff Overtime
  • Managing a Critical Spares Inventory
  • Maintaining a Reliable Diesel Fuel Supply
  • Developing Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs)
  • Regular Execution of Site Drills
  • Executing Against a Procedure-Based Control Methodology
  • Establishing a NFPA 70E Compliant Safety Program
  • Completing Short-Circuit Coordination Studies & Arc Flash Assessments
  • Implementing Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Preparing a Formalized Training Curriculum
  • Invoking Maintenance Program Best Practices
  • Enforcing Access Control & Vendor Supervision
  • Performing Regular Integrated and Key Systems Testing & Validation
  • Building & Integrating Robust Change Management Protocols

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