Client Showcase: Region Nordjylland

Client Showcase: Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST)

Client Showcase: Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST)
"The value of Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification and M&O Stamp of Approval programs goes beyond what most people realize. Uptime Institute does a great job illustrating that running a well designed, built and operated data center drives efficiency and naturally reduces costs."
Robert D. McClary
Chief Operating Officer, Iron Mountain DEN-1
(formerly FORTRUST)

FORTRUST lowered their data center insurance premiums with Tier Certification

The Challenge Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST), Data Center Services a Denver, Colorado, high-availability data center services provider, was scaling operations quickly, winning additional enterprise contracts that required best-in-class operations and management practices to mitigate risk and maintain and improve key uptime metrics. Aggressive about growth, the company also needed to differentiate from competitors and discover better efficiencies to improve the bottom line and provide more support for customers.
The Solution

Companies today need to be more efficient with every asset they own. Data centers need to run like a business, looking at efficiencies across the board. Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST) has utilized their Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability and Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility in very positive ways. Iron Mountain DEN-1 is currently one of the only Tier III Gold data centers in North America.

Iron Mountain DEN-1 worked with Uptime Institute to formulate goals adhering to operational best practices and achieving increased financial efficiencies, and has been awarded two certifications.

First, the client pursued and achieved Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility to validate the facility was built to Tier Standards for reliability and that the constructed facility aligns with the business objectives of their data center design plans.

To assess and optimize their managmement and operations protocols, the client also pursued and earned Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability, which focused on establishing data center operations and management best practices once the facility was fully built and commissioned for operations.

“When talking about lowering costs most engineers only think about lower utility bills and forget about lowering operating costs across the board, even including insurance premiums.

By making your insurance company aware of your Uptime Institute Certification awards, you can receive better terms on your insurance. It means you are mitigating risk and running a highly efficient data center.”
Rob McClaryRobert D. McClary
COO, Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST)
FORTRUST Data center
The Outcome

With two major certifications in place, Iron Mountain DEN-1 realized a number of key benefits including:

  • Improved competitive positioning by differentiating the company’s strengths, showcasing the Iron Mountain DEN-1 commitment to excellence
  • Attaining further operational efficiencies within the facility, improving performance, efficiency and reliability of critical infrastructure
  • Lower insurance premiums with a savings of over 10% including significant coverage enhancements as the company illustrated that efficiency and risk management are key to reduced errors and downtime.

“In most companies, insurance premiums are only seen by the CFO. Data center operators need to take the opportunity to have a different conversation with their finance teams and up-level the conversation because you positively impacted the bottom line. We have enjoyed an overall premium reduction of over 10% with significant coverage enhancements after sharing our Uptime Institute Tier Certifications with our insurance provider” stated Robert D. McClary, COO of Iron Mountain DEN-1 (formerly FORTRUST).

Client Showcase: Green Mountain

Client Showcase: Green Mountain
"Tier Certification has proven critical in many of our client’s decisions to move to Green Mountain. We see a shift in the market to require full Tier Certification. We believe the future of quality data center providers will be to certify all their data centers with Uptime Institute.”
Petter M. Tømmeraas
CSO, Green Mountain
The ChallengeNorway’s Green Mountain designs, builds and operates high security, wholesale colocation date centres. One of the largest operators in this sector with clients in Finance, IT, Government, Health, and Oil & Gas, the company is located in Stavanger and Telemark, Norway, with further plans for growth. Green Mountain targets the high-end data center market, primarily companies requiring high availability, high quality services. Green Mountain needed to clearly illustrate to these customers and prospects what it means to be high quality and high availability, for those customers requiring 100% uptime for their mission critical operations.
Green Mountain Data Center
The Solution

Green Mountain operates two Uptime Institute Tier III certified data centres in Norway, both on 100% low cost renewable power. The two data centres, DC1-Stavanger and DC2-Telemark are the only Nordic colocation facilities to have achieved Uptime Institute Tier III certification. The Stavanger data centre is built deep inside a mountain in a former high security NATO ammunition storage facility on the west coast of Norway. The data center benefits from free cooling from the adjacent fjord, achieving world-class efficiency. At the same time it leverages abundant access to low cost, renewable hydropower.

The data centre in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is located at Rjukan in the Telemark region and is at the heart of the Norwegian hydropower production. There are six large power stations in the immediate vicinity, making it the most robust power point in Europe. Through the data centres and by partnering with high quality providers, Green Mountain aims to offer even better value to customers and provide efficient and sustainable choices for colocation — green colocation.

Green Mountain achieved Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility to further validate and back up their high availability claims for their customers. They wanted to make sure that they worked with the Uptime Institute team of experts to document their processes and understand any scenarios that can happen, and how to address any issues.

"High quality means Uptime Institute Tier Certification. We are not only saying we have very good data centers, we back it up.

The Uptime Institute Tier Standard is the only Standard worldwide that certifies data center infrastructure to this level of quality. We prove our quality through Uptime Institute."
Petter M. TømmeraasPetter M. Tømmeraas
CSO, Green Mountain
Green Mountain Data Center
The Outcome Green Mountain believes their Uptime Institute Tier III certification status increases their ability to:

  • Appeal to high end customers and improve competitive positioning in the market by differentiating the company’s sustainability, strength and proven methodology
  • Attain further operational efficiencies within the facilities, improving performance, efficiency and reliability of critical infrastructure

"Any customer with mission critical data should require their suppliers to be Tier Certified by Uptime Institute. This is the only way for a customer to know that their data center is built and operated to secure the high level of quality that customers need," said Petter M. Tømmeraas, CSO at Green Mountain.

Client Showcase: CenturyLink

Client Showcase: CenturyLink
"We view Uptime Institute as the preeminent global authority on data center standards and believe that businesses should hold their data center providers to high standards for operational excellence. A data center’s design is a strong foundation, but keeping businesses running 24/7 requires solid processes and highly qualified staff. CenturyLink is resolute in our commitment to our data center teams—excellence in training, processes and procedures—and the proven results of high-availability data centers."
David Meredith
President, Global Data Centers, CenturyLink
The ChallengeCenturyLink designs, manages, and operates some of the most reliable and capable data centers in the world. The company wanted a way to stand out in a very competitive market to help them surpass their path of growth, reaching a continued high caliber of enterprise business. CenturyLink set out to show that to illustrate excellence, they needed to shine a spotlight on the experience and expertise of the operations staff, and the processes used to ensure optimal performance.
CenturyLink Data center
The Solution

CenturyLink pledged its commitment to data center operational excellence by pursuing the Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval for all of the company’s data centers across the globe, validating the critical facilities management and operations practices of each data center.

CenturyLink understands that earning this credential demonstrates leadership and provides third-party assurance that a data center satisfies industry-recognized criteria for excellence, risk management, and reliability.

"CenturyLink’s commitment and achievements are unparalleled. This shows that CenturyLink has the confidence to be open and transparent about its industry-recognized data center facilities, operations and management, and we are honored that the company will use our Management & Operations Stamp of Approval as the standard across its global footprint," says Lee Kirby, president of Uptime Institute.  "As organizations evaluate data center providers, M&O certification should be noted as a meaningful competitive differentiation."

"We sought a level of achievement to differentiate CenturyLink’s data centers beyond what was expected or commonplace.

Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval requires a level of rigor and aptitude specific to data centers that digs into, and recognizes, our operational achievements"
David MeredithDavid Meredith
President, Global Data Centers, CenturyLink
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CenturyLink Data center
The Outcome

By earning the M&O Stamp of Approval across all data centers, CenturyLink was able to:

  • Entrust data center staff, management, and maintenance teams to deliver—without fail
  • Gain increased operational efficiencies and improve facility performance
  • Increase the reliability of critical infrastructure

Client Showcase: Involta

Client Showcase: Involta
“We saw this as a way to work with Uptime Institute to learn from the process from the beginning through to build, and achieving one of the few certifications in the State of Ohio.”
Bruce Lehrman
CEO of Involta LLC
The ChallengeInvolta is an award-winning national provider of IT intelligence and end-to-end infrastructure with data centers in Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Involta primarily serves Fortune 1000 enterprise clients where IT is mission-critical.

Seeking a means for competitive differentiation and validation of the quality of their facility design, Involta pursued Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification of Design Documents to help ensure their facility was designed to meet the specifications around a Tier III Concurrently Maintainable facility.
The Solution

Upon earning the Tier III Certification of Design Documents for their facility in Akron, Ohio, Involta was asked by a major client to expand on their certification and pursue the Tier Certification of Constructed Facility status as well.

While the Tier Certification of Design Documents designation ensured Involta’s world-class enterprise facility in Akron was designed to meet Tier specifications, the Tier Certification of a Constructed Facility certification ensured the constructed facility was built to the same specifications as those laid out in the original facility design documents.

Involta saw this customer request at their Akron facility as an opportunity to learn and further review processes across Involta’s full portfolio of 14 data centers in five states across the country and they were eager to engage with Uptime Institute to advance their Tier Certification to the Constructed Facility stage.

“This successful Certification was such a positive experience for us that we will be working with Uptime Institute to achieve Tier III Concurrently Maintainable Certification in our new Pittsburgh, PA facility.”
Bruce LehrmanBruce Lehrman
CEO of Involta LLC
Involta Data center
The OutcomeBy earning both the Tier III Certification of Design Documents and the Tier III Certification of a Constructed Facility in their Akron, Ohio facility, Involta can:

  • Continue to establish and expand Involta’s presence with Fortune 500 enterprise companies in the government, healthcare, and manufacturing markets, those companies with mission critical operations.
  • Leverage the Tier III Certification learnings from the Akron facility to further improve performance and processes across their entire portfolio of 14 data centers nationally.
  • Professionally develop their management, operations and technical staff through Accredited Training programs offered by Uptime Institute.

“We are very proud to achieve both our Tier III concurrently maintainable design and build Certifications from Uptime Institute.” stated Bruce Lehrman, CEO of Involta LLC.

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