Capacity Planning in a Hybrid World

Hybrid cloud and hybrid IT environments are bringing new complexities to capacity management and demand forecasting. Managers and strategists are seeking to better understand the capacity impact of choices available to them.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Uptime Institute Intelligence research suggests there are select areas worth investigating and integrating into any capacity management and forecasting strategy. 

Key topics covered in this report:
  • Public cloud impact on on-premises data center capacity demands
  • Storage growth demand increasing at owned, leased and cloud locations
  • Demand for DCIM being driven primarily by capacity planning
  • Server virtualization and application containers providing relief for many owners and operators
  • Where capacity needs are declining, biggest drivers are virtualization and public cloud
  • Increases in server rack density provide increased compute capacity, but can present challenges around power, cooling and networking
  • IT hardware refresh cycle and the impact on capacity planning
  • Despite virtualization, most servers are still under-utilized

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