The Institute is now accepting applications for new members in all regions.

For over a decade, participation in the Network has been proven to steadily and quantifiably reduce facility downtime. In fact, the longer members participate, the more they collectively reduce their unplanned downtime frequency and duration. With an investment of just 0.4% of members’ average site operating budget, members have successfully reduced their downtime by a factor of 10.
One member reported a savings of over $80,000 on an equipment purchase, because through an e-mail query to other members, they validated that the type of equipment they were considering would provide the level of reliability they required. This case illustrates how the ability to consult with industry peers can save a company several times the cost of participating in the group. The Institute’s Network maintains a database of information submitted by group participants. Benchmark information includes:
  • Abnormal incident reports, historical data on similar incidents at other facilities, and incident trends by equipment manufacturer
  • Facility site infrastructure profiles of each participating company, including uptime objectives, data center size and characteristics, infrastructure equipment installed, methods of operation (in-house staff or contracted services), organizational reporting relationships, staffing coverage
  • Comparative data center operating cost data by square feet and by kW of UPS load
  • Best practices for assuring infrastructure uptime performance
Companies participating in the Network must execute an Information Exchange Agreement to protect the confidentiality of the data collected and shared. Only participating companies have access to all Network tools and results. Existing members will have the opportunity to review the description of any company wishing to join and raise potential concerns for discussion before a new company is accepted.