Affiliated Research Leaders

Affiliated Research Leaders
(Contract/Part time – remote)

Uptime Institute, the global data center authority, has a long pedigree of thought leadership in the field of mission-critical infrastructure. 

As IT and digital infrastructures transition to more dynamic and complex architectures, Uptime Institute plans to expand the breadth and depth of its research.

To help achieve this, Uptime Institute is seeking several Affiliated Research Leaders who can work alongside our research team on a part time, contracted or ad hoc basis. An Affiliated Research Leader may hold other positions in the sector or academia but must not have a conflict of interest.

An Affiliated Research Leader should have a strong understanding of the practices, technology and/or business models in one of the fields below:

  • Data center automation
  • Data center economics/costs and business models
  • Cloud computing for large enterprises
  • Digital infrastructure environmental sustainability
  • Information security
  • Legislation and public affairs
  • Staffing/human resources
  • IT networking, including software-defined
  • Financial services’ IT resiliency

The role of an Affiliated Research Leader is to independently research and write thought-leadership analysis, supported by the Uptime intelligence team and our global network; to represent Uptime Institute to clients and at industry events; and to contribute ideas and insights to Uptime Institute as we extend our services.

The affiliate can work remotely in any country, but must:

  • have exceptional written English communication skills
  • have published reports/papers, either at the student or professional level, in the above subject areas, or can otherwise demonstrate competency/knowledge.
  • possess intellectual rigor and curiosity
  • enjoy working as part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary and diverse team

Quantitative analysis skills, including the ability to create data-driven models and forecasts, may be desirable but not necessary for some subject areas.

If you are interested, please email: