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Building upon the success of Accredited Tier Designer, which accredited 366 elite design engineers in 54 countries, Uptime Institute offers a partner course for data center managers. {slide=Read More...} Accredited Tier Specialist has similar features as Accredited Tier Designer: education by Uptime Institute Senior faculty and professional designation. Yet, Accredited Tier Specialist was developed for the management team directly responsible for data center uptime. The course also welcomes the outside experts that support the data center manager.

The curriculum's level of detail is appropriate for data center owners and operators to apply the Tier Standards to ensure that the critical facilities—for which they are directly responsible—are designed, built, and operated to meet the needs of the business. Accredited Tier Specialist will provide the knowledge and authority to refute the myths and misconceptions that cause organizations to misdirect investment. The tools detailed in this course will also improve attendees' capability to communicate the needs of the data center to upper management and thereby positively influence spending decisions. These enhancements to the data center manager's skill set will directly benefit the site operation with maintained or improved uptime.

Uptime Institute Standards continue to be valuable, on a global basis, in the design and operation of data centers responsive to the owner's business needs. The Tier Classification System is the language of data center performance, ensuring the data center is designed and built to provide the availability needs of the business. Operational Sustainability addresses the ongoing management of the infrastructure, including mitigation of human error—the leading cause of data center outages. {/slide}

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Accredited Tier Specialist Information:

Accredited Tier Specialist provides intensive instruction on both of the Tier Standards (Topology and Operational Sustainability) in order to ensure accurate and successful management-level application.
  • Receive a professional designation by Uptime Institute—recognized world leader in industry research, standards, and Certifications
  • Learn to properly apply the Uptime Institute Standards from the actual authors
    • Pre-empt prevalent misinterpretations of Tier Standards that lead to both over-investment and shortfalls
    • Refute myths and misconceptions
  • Communicate to stakeholders the true potential of a single data center or portfolio
    • Avoid misperceptions of performance potential and shocks of unexpected outages
  • Better align infrastructure and staffing investment with the business case
  • Effectively manage the complement of outside experts
    • Bring together all aspects of your data center team to work to a common uptime goal
Please see the Eligibility for further description and sample job titles.

This will be an intensive 3-day course, which will culminate in an examination. The cost of the course is US$4,985 For individuals that pass the examination, the Uptime Institute will award an Accredited Tier Specialist endorsement. The course will be administered by Uptime Institute Faculty with field experience in the practical application of the Tiers and Operational Sustainability criteria. Furthermore, each Faculty is a co-author of Tier Standard: Topology and/or Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability.

Accredited Tier Specialist represents neither license nor permission to deliver a) Tier Certifications of designs, b) Tier Certifications of constructed environments, or c) Operational Sustainability ratings or Certifications.

The cost of the 2014 session is US$4,985/attendee.

For further information, please contact Course Administrator at +1 206.783.0510 or [email protected].