Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA)

Amid the growing global focus on digital infrastructure sustainability requirements, now is the time to become an Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA).

Program Overview

As the effects of climate change on health, safety and global economies continue to grow more severe, the environmental sustainability of data center operations has become a major concern for investor, customer, regulatory, legislative, and environmental stakeholders.

Digital infrastructure owners and operators are feeling the pressure as more than seventy countries have established commitments to achieve net-zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) by 2050 and new regulations emerge to join the 1900 pieces of climate change and sustainability legislation already enacted in the past decade. There has never been a more critical time to learn about this new and growing area of digital infrastructure expertise.

Why the Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA)?
Get ahead of the pack. Today’s global economy requires deep expertise and skill in digital infrastructure sustainability, and demand will only continue to grow. The ASA course delivers the fundamental knowledge of sustainability concepts, industry trends, and regulations, as well as the practical skills you need to develop and implement a comprehensive world-class data center sustainability program.

The benefits of earning the ASA credential include:
  • Learn how to actively reduce your organization's carbon emissions with advanced sustainability practices that reduce IT and data center facility energy use
  • Develop an effective data center sustainability strategy with a thorough understanding of concepts and actions required
  • Move sustainability initiatives forward within your organization
Key topics covered include:
  • Sustainability policy and management
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Facility siting, design, and certification
  • Facility energy consumption and efficiency
  • Circular economy, recycle and reuse
  • IT Energy consumption and efficiency
  • Renewable energy purchasing and consumption
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Water consumption and efficiency
  • Information reporting

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Accredited Sustainability Advisor (ASA) Program Details

Program Content
Sustainability Policy and Management
  • The Seven Elements of a Sustainability Strategy
  • Regulation and Standards
Regulatory Requirements
  • Measurements and Reporting
  • Enforcement and Financial Disclosures
Facility Siting, Design & Certification
  • Efficiency Requirements
  • Sustainability Design Decisions
Facility Energy Consumption & Efficiency
  • Energy Management Program Planning
  • Data Collection and Measurement
IT Energy Consumption & Efficiency
  • Operational Metrics
  • Power Management Approaches
Renewable Energy Purchasing & Consumption
  • Green Energy Procurement Options
  • Renewable Energy Constraints
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Greenhouse Gas Sources and Scopes
  • Emissions Reduction Challenges
Water Consumption & Efficiency
  • Design Impacts on Optimization
  • Availability and Minimization
Circular Economy, Recycle & Reuse
  • End-of-life Product Disposal
  • IT Product and Energy Reuse
Information Reporting
  • Performance and Accomplishments Areas
  • Internal and External Communication Types
Sustainability Strategy in the Organization
  • Guiding Principles
  • Business Commitment and Payback
Program Duration
Program Objectives
Learner Profile
Costs & Credits