Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®)

Create a sustainability strategy and business implementation plan for transformation towards a credible sustainability lifecycle, that demonstrates innovation and challenges business ethos whilst being sensitive to business risk and continuity.

Program Overview

Increased awareness of the urgency to implement and maintain a sustainable future coupled with evolving legislation means that data center operators are under great pressure to embrace sustainability strategies and improve their ‘green’ credentials rapidly and be able to evidence improvement to stakeholders.

The exciting and comprehensive Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®) program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge into the steps required to evaluate, analyze, plan, implement and monitor a sustainability strategy balanced with operational capability for data center facilities.

Achieving sustainability is evaluated from all angles with the overarching requirement to ensure the data center critical facility continues to meet the needs of the business. The importance of implementing the correct strategic vision and business drivers required to establish a well-balanced and structured approach towards sustainability is explored. From initial business case and operational analysis of power distribution, cooling systems and IT hardware, and potential operational risk, to design innovation and implementing initiatives whilst appreciating both the business and operational challenges that may occur during this process. Maintenance strategies, continuous planning cycles and critical analysis against identified targets are also explored, in addition to the need to demonstrate proven ROI as well as identifying and capitalizing on the business, customer, social and environmental benefits.

A certified CDCSP® also considers the requirements for compliance, having a full understanding of national and international regulations, codes and standards. During the program, learners will be provided a valuable opportunity to access the latest industry standards.

Following this program, you are encouraged to continue your professional development by advancing your knowledge and skills to gain further official certifications and qualifications by progressing through The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework which maps education programs to career advancement throughout the network infrastructure and data center sectors.

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Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®) Program Details

Program Content
Module 1

Understanding Sustainability and the Business Approach

  • The need for sustainability and the impact upon the data center sector
  • Sustainable approach and the legislative drivers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the wider impact on the data center sector
  • Establishing a data center performance baseline and maximizing assets
  • Understanding the business needs and data center limitations
  • Business and operational risks presented by the need for sustainability
  • Creating a sustainable ethos through the business
  • Establishing a business case for sustainability
  • Business approach to sustainability
Learning Objectives
  • Appreciation and evaluation of the wider implications of establishing a more sustainable data center sector against the influences from both government and non-government organizational policies
  • Alignment of data center sustainability strategies to meet environmental, customer and social factors through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Create an operational baseline to understand the current status of data center energy inefficiencies and wastage, identifying and prioritizing appropriate and attainable sustainability measures
  • Identify the potential risks, challenges and benefits of a framework to implement sustainable initiatives
  • Create a structured business case through business core drivers, risk potential, collaboration and commitment to deliver sustainability targets and strategies

Module 2

Technological and Operational Approach to Sustainability
  • The need for innovation and collaboration
  • Reduction of human error by effective management and training
  • Industry best practices and transformation programs
  • Monitoring, analysis and automation of the physical infrastructure
  • Evaluating traditional, alterative and renewable power sources
  • Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing power distribution
  • Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing cooling capabilities
  • Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing IT hardware deployment
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Aligning the business, operations and technology to deliver a sustainable path for the future

Learning Objectives
  • Critically analyze the IT environment relating to one’s own sphere of work, in particular, the learner’s own organization’s technical platforms
  • Assess the IT/IS infrastructure (hardware, public/private/hybrid cloud, operating systems, intelligent SAN, aaS, middleware/SOA), and the IT service processes used within the learner’s own organization, particularly those associated with sustainability and efficiency including virtualization, re-use/sharing, and closed loop strategies
  • Compare and contrast the needs, objectives and constraints of the other disciplines and functions within the data center
  • Evaluate and apply national and international standards published by ISO, BSI, IEC, IEEE etc and Codes of Practice to build sustainability into the data center
  • Devise techniques for streamlining business processes

Module 3

Implementing Sustainability

  • Corporate sustainability and the core drivers
  • Strategic and sustainable planning
  • Developing and implementing sustainable strategies
  • The strategic planning process
  • Projecting levels of sustainable achievement
  • Obstacles and challenges
  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting sustainability improvements
  • Continuous sustainability planning
  • Certifications, standards and industry accreditations
Learning Objectives
  • Evaluate appropriate business strategies for the initiation and development of a sustainable data centre
  • Create a clear business strategy and sustainability framework against defined objectives and attainable targets through business collaboration
  • Identification and mitigation of potential risks, obstacles and challenges relating to effective delivery of the business strategy and sustainability outcomes
  • Appreciate the need for effective monitoring, analyzing and reporting structures to evaluate the financial expenditure and operational productivity against the business drivers
  • Identify and utilize industry recognised standards and accreditations providing direction for continuous sustainability initiatives
Program Duration
Learner Profile
Program Requirements
Program Objectives
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