Accredited Tier Specialist Eligibility

The Uptime Institute's Accredited Tier Specialist is intended for data center managers—those directly responsible for data center uptime. In order to align the entire support team on the application of the Uptime Institute Standards, outside experts that support the data center manager are also welcome.

Outside experts who will benefit from the Accredited Tier Specialist program are:
  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Non-licensed design resources (ATD was developed for licensed engineers)
  • Consultants
  • Builders/General Contractors
  • Sales Engineers
  • IT professionals for whom knowledge of facilities design and management is crucial to fulfillment of IT-side responsibilities
    • Network Architects
    • Enterprise Architects
For the outside experts above (non data center managers), select sessions regarding Operational Sustainability may not be directly applicable as not all outside resources influence the characteristics of the site management program.

Field service technicians and similar are discouraged from attendance as the session will not address the installation or maintenance of specific manufacturer/model. Additionally, this course does not address IT topology, IT architecture, or software.

Successful completion of the Institute Accredited Tier Specialist program, demonstrated through examination at the end of the course, will result in an Uptime Institute endorsement of the individual as an Accredited Tier Specialist.

Accredited Tier Specialist represents neither license nor permission to deliver a) Tier Certifications of designs, b) Tier Certifications of constructed environments, or c) Operational Sustainability ratings or Certifications.