Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management

Data centers need highly capable leaders and managers - individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.

Program Overview

Join the global elite group of data center professionals from IBM, Commscope, Schneider Electric, Time Warner Cable, Sudlows Limited, Unilever, Capital One, University of Melbourne, Microsoft to name a few.

Data centers are complex facilities that are expected to deliver faultless service and financial results in a world of rapidly changing technologies, business pressures and environmental expectations.

In order to achieve this, data centers need highly capable leaders and managers - individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.

The Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management is a unique program, which has been designed in collaboration with the industry to advance data center professionals worldwide. No other university program offers data center professionals this high level leadership and management education tailored to the data center sector.

The program harnesses CNet’s unique insight into data center operations and expertise in business leadership and management. Topics have been selected on the basis of feedback from the industry and data center professionals who are themselves involved with delivering the program alongside other hand-picked specialists. The content of the Masters Degree is reviewed and refreshed each year to ensure it reflects the constantly evolving nature of the sector.

Delivery of the program is through distance learning, meaning that learners can study at times that are convenient to them. They can also easily communicate with their tutors and each other wherever they are in the world.


Primarily this three year program is based around supported online distance learning via a learning management system, providing flexibility and complete interaction every step of the way. Learners will be supported by the CNet team, specialist academic staff and industry specialists, all with the aim of creating an enriched shared learning experience. There is an optional bootcamp held every two years in Cambridge, UK for those who wish to attend.

On average, learners commit the equivalent of approximately 10 hours of study per week to the program during trimester time, which can be taken at your own pace and at a convenient time for you. However, the deadlines that are given for your assessed work are strict and must be met.

The program is run across two learning periods per year consisting of 12 weeks of teaching. This will include online learning content, regular virtual tutorials (usually an hour in duration at dates and times published at the start of the program), and online discussion forums with peers and the academic tutor. There is one point of entry per year in September. Each module is formally assessed.

Masters Degree Application Process

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Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management Program Details

Program Content - Year 1 - PG Certification (PGCert)

The first year of the program enables you to develop your expertise in three key themes that are at the heart of any business: leadership, sustainability and financial management. The program starts with an introduction to leadership in the data center sector, exploring different approaches to leading in a complex and dynamic business. You will then go on to look at issues of sustainability and design, from the business management perspective. Leaders also need a sound understanding of money issues, so financial management is also included coupled with how financial considerations influence you as a leader.

Data Center Leadership

  • Evolution of leadership
  • Complexity theory, dynamic organizational environments, strategic alignment in organizations, systems theory
  • Emergent leadership theory in dynamic environments
  • Internal business environment analysis and organizational dynamics
  • Models of strategic analysis
  • The role of leaders in fostering cultures of innovation, creativity and change capability in dynamic environments
  • Change management

Sustainable Design for High Capacity Data Centers

  • Modular data center design for reliability, scalability, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Management of “utility” operations like electricity, heating and cooling from a usage, efficiency and cost savings perspectives
  • Environmental monitoring technologies
  • Maximizing system utilization for best efficiency
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Use of cloud technology to minimize the impact of data centers on the environment

Finance for Decision Making

  • Overview of the financial system
  • Decision making and problem solving in theory and practice
  • Financial objectives and strategies linked to general strategies and environmental circumstances
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Efficient/inefficient markets and behavioral finance
  • Financial risk - types and coping mechanisms
  • Relationship between financial risk and expected return
  • Cost of capital: WACC and CAPM; Gearing
  • Treasury management and control of working capital
  • Investment appraisal
Program Content - Year 2 - PG Diploma (PGDip)
Program Content - Year 3 - Masters (MA)
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