How to Develop a Data Center Training Program

How to Develop a Data Center Training Program

The majority of data center outages are blamed on “human error” stemming from a lack of knowledge or procedural mistake. Inadequate training in the data center can lead to a situation where operators are unprepared to respond to an incident and mishandle it.

Our 18-page "How to Develop a Data Center Training Program" guide helps data center facility managers and IT operations leaders build and implement a robust data center training program.

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Key areas and themes discussed in this guide


  • How to identify training topics for your program including basic operation of critical MEP systems, emergency protocols, vendor support and compliance requirements (OSHA, EPA, NFPA) 
  • Identification of key personnel to be trained including engineers, facility managers, team leads, application admins, vendors, etc
  • Determining the appropriate training methods including OJT, classroom, outsourced training, offsite training, online, self-study, etc
  • Developing the training content and structure including syllabus and lesson plans 
  • Choosing qualification methods including written exams, oral examples, demonstrations
  • Planning and implementing training including developing master training schedules, scheduling refresher training and beginning the actual training program
  • Tracking results including maintaining training records for all training personnel

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