Infographic: The Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing

“Business as usual” is not only expensive–it is a missed opportunity.

Efficient IT may not be at the top of your corporate management priority list—but it should be. People often mistake steady state for steady expense outlay. But “business as usual” is massively expensive due to rising operating costs, rising energy prices, and ongoing capital expenditures needed just to keep up with the growing demands of the business. All of these factors contribute to The Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing.

This infographic examines a typical data center scenario and calculates the opportunity cost of continued wasteful expenditure, contrasted with the rapidly expanding benefits of implementing a few efficiency measures and making minimal system investments. Learn how to start saving millions of dollars—or even hundreds of millions—in expenses so you can put that money towards the future of your business—today.

Infographic: Exorbitant Cost of Doing Nothing 

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