Inside Track Author Guidelines


Dear author:

Thank you for agreeing to develop an article for Uptime Institute’s Inside Track. We are sure your contribution will help many others make good decisions regarding their data center or solve a difficult problem.

  • Articles submitted to Inside Track should be of general interest to data center professionals.
  • All submissions should be between 1000-1500 words long (English only). Graphics, tables, pictures, and illustrations can add valuable information, and you should provide 3-4 figures or more. Alternatively, authors may choose to make a Powerpoint presentation of between 15-20 slides. The author should take care to include enough explanatory text so that the reader can understand the main points of the presentation.
  • Please use the attached Word or Powerpoint template when writing the article.
  • Possible topics include design, engineering, operations, and technology issues. Case histories are also welcome. Please do not send product reviews, commercial messages, or disparaging comments about competitors.
  • All articles should explain or demonstrate how data center professionals can improve the performance of their data centers.
  • Authors should limit the scope of their articles to their personal experiences or expertise; however, it is perfectly acceptable to seek help from a colleague or even add a co-author.
  • Authors are also responsible for correctly spelling any names that appear in the article and using correct titles for individuals named in the article.
When complete, please send the article to Kevin Heslin (see contact information below). Please note that submission of the article constitutes acceptance of Inside Track’s copyright agreement. The copyright is intended to preserve Uptime Institute’s rights to further use of the publication and also a reminder that the author is responsible for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted images or text.

Uptime Institute reserves the right to refuse publication of any article.


Kevin Heslin
Chief Editor, Uptime Institute
518 731 2357
[email protected]