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Membership & Education Manager, EU AND IMEA

Title: Membership & Education Manager, EU AND IMEA

Report to: Vice President, Product Management, Uptime Institute
Location: UK or Europe preferred

Uptime Institute is the Global Digital Infrastructure Authority. Its Tier Standard is the IT industry’s most trusted and adopted global standard for the proper design, construction, and operation of data centers – the backbone of the digital economy. For over 25 years, the company has served as the standard for data center reliability, sustainability, and efficiency, providing customers assurance that their digital infrastructure can perform at a level that is consistent with their business needs across a wide array of operating conditions. With its data center Tier Standard & Certifications, Management & Operations reviews, broad range of related risk and performance assessments, and accredited educational curriculum completed by over 10,000 data center professionals, Uptime Institute has helped thousands of companies, in over 100 countries to optimize critical IT assets while managing costs, resources, and efficiency.

Uptime Institute is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Seattle, London, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, and Taipei. For more information, please visit

Position Description:

The primary responsibility of Membership & Education Manager, EU & IMEA is to lead, manage and support the growth of Uptime Institute Membership & Education products in the Europe (EU) and India Middle East & Africa (IMEA) regions. The majority of focus will be on the Uptime Institute Membership (Network) but responsibilities will also include activities from time to time that will assist in growing the Uptime Institute Education business line in region and globally.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Lead, manage and support new Membership and Membership renewal-generating activities in the EU-IMEA region for Uptime Institute Membership and Education business lines
  • Accountability for Membership business line management in region including managing and reporting against agreed upon key performance indicators, insuring member satisfaction, and executing plan as required for successful renewal of Membership base
  • Support and, with Uptime Institute Marketing, execute Membership and Education Business development and marketing campaigns.
  • In conjunction with Uptime Institute Sales, present the value proposition of the UI Membership to potential new members, market Membership & Education products through power point presentations industry contacts and proactive engagement of potential members.
  • Reply/respond to member concerns and questions and actively cultivate the membership contacts with renewal in mind.
  • Visit clients & prospective clients when possible, to review the Membership and Education value propositions
  • Work with Uptime Institute Intelligence analysts and consultants to define and conduct programs for Uptime Institute Membership engagement programs (Conferences, Briefings, Roundtables).
  • Develop lead gen program with Uptime Institute Marketing for new member attendees at Membership events and Education classes
  • Present Membership and Education value proposition at third party events and conferences
  • Coordinate Uptime Institute Local Meetings EU-EMEA designed to enhance Member relationships and foster new Memberships.
  • Coordinate and run EU-IMEA Virtual Roundtables
  • Work with Uptime Institute Marketing to develop e-marketing campaigns in order to drive attendees to Membership and prospective Member activities
  • Working with UI intelligence, develop content ideas and presentations for use in regional membership & prospective member activities
  • Contribute to content and research through the client experiences, thoughts and findings for webinars, newsletters, reports, and conference sessions.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with external and internal partners to ensure the successful execution of initiatives


Vice President Professional Services - Digital Infrastructure Operations

Title: Vice President Professional Services - Digital Infrastructure Operations

Report to: Chief Technical Officer
Location: Open – US or EU preferred

Uptime Institute is the Global Digital Infrastructure Authority, setting globally accepted standards for data center design, construction, and operations, and helping data center owner/operators achieve resiliency and sustainability goals. While Uptime’s Tier standards for topology form the foundation of best practices in facility design and construction, we recognize that management and operations are equally critical for achieving availability objectives. Uptime Institute’s Facility Management Services, including Tier Certification for Operational Sustainability (TCOS), Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp, and Facility Management and Operations (FMO) services, help our customers achieve and demonstrate excellence in facility management and operations.

We are looking for an experienced data center operations executive to lead and evolve our Facility Management Services practice. This position will be Vice President level, reporting directly to the Chief Technical Officer, and will be part of the Global Technical Leadership team. Key responsibilities will include management, and ongoing development of all aspects of the Facility Management Services product line including sales and marketing support, to overseeing service delivery. This person will leverage their deep professional experience, and extensive client and market engagement, to re-envision and evolve our management and operations offerings. The evolved offerings will more broadly encompass “digital infrastructure” operations, and new products will become “must-have”, recurring services for participants across the digital infrastructure ecosystem – including all manner of enterprise and service provider owner/operators, and tenants. This role will entail working across company functional and geographic areas to achieve the overall goals, and will require deep technical expertise, along with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, patience, tenacity, hard work, and vision.

Skills required for the position:

15 years’ experience in data center facility operations and 5 years’ experience managing operations teams and governance.

  • Candidate should have knowledge and experience in all areas of data center facility operations. These include but not limited to preventative and predictive maintenance programs, staffing, training, budgeting, etc.
  • Candidate should have knowledge and experience in managing facility operations teams of different facilities, creating the overall processes and procedures to direct operations, as well as governance steps to ensure processes and procedures are communicated, executed, and reported upon.
  • Candidate should have a working knowledge of data center infrastructure design principles and approaches.

Responsibilities for the position:

  • Primary responsibility for service delivery of all operations service lines (TCOS, M&O, FMO)
    • Training and assessment of service delivery personnel
    • Oversee service delivery and ensure quality of deliverables
    • Overseeing product and service development
    • Personal involvement with key clients, and complex custom operations projects
  • Operations standards (e.g., Tier Standard / Operational Sustainability)
    • Oversee operations standards and continuously update to align with evolving best practices & market needs
  • Develop and execute strategy to evolve operations products to…
    • Deliver more value to clients and make Uptime a must-have for data center operators
    • Improve market appeal and broaden market acceptance and penetration
    • Improve stickiness and drive better renewal rates
  • Operations education (AOS, AOP)
    • Oversee operations course content material and continuously update to align with evolving best practices & Uptime standards
    • Train and assess trainers
    • Identify needs and direct development of new operations courses / accreditations
  • Provide pre-sales support for operations services
  • Contribute operations expertise to Uptime Intelligence
  • Evangelize Uptime’s operations standards and services through social media, publications, webinars, speaking engagements, etc.

Qualifications for the position:

  • Candidate should have good communications skills with an ability to work effectively with colleagues and clients from around the globe. Additionally, the candidate should have the desire and ability for regular travel in execution of these duties.
  • Oversee the delivery of OS services to ensure consistency of deliverables to global clients including overseeing quality control aspects.
  • Coordinate with Project Management Office for end of month and quarterly financials to meet company goals.
  • Coordinate OS deliverables content with other Uptime deliverable products that are focused on Topology, IT, or sustainability to deliver overarching value to our clients.
  • Participate in webinars sponsored by our marketing department related to operational management issues.

Ideal candidate would have:

  • Experience overseeing a portfolio of datacenters for a multi-site (& ideally multi-national) data center operator (enterprise or service provider)
  • Location open - preferably US or EU-UK.


Director, Business Development – location Chile

Title: Director, Business Development

Report to: Mozart Mello, Managing Director Latam
Location: Santiago, Chile

Uptime Institute, una división independiente de The 451 Group, es una organización de asesoramiento imparcial centrado en mejorar el rendimiento, la eficiencia y la fiabilidad de la infraestructura crítica de negocio a través de la innovación, la colaboración y certificaciones independientes. Uptime Institute sirve a todos los actores responsables de la disponibilidad de servicios de TI a través de estándares de la industria que conducen, la educación, la creación de redes peer-to-peer, consultoría y programas de premios entregados a las organizaciones empresariales y los operadores, fabricantes y proveedores. El tiempo de actividad del Instituto es reconocido a nivel mundial para la creación y administración de las Normas Tier y certificaciones para centro de datos de diseño, construcción y operaciones, junto con su sello de aprobación Gestión y Operaciones (M & O), metodología FORCSS®, y el sello aprobación de TI eficiente. Uptime Institute Data Center Global Authority® tiene oficinas en los EE.UU., México, Costa Rica, Brasil, Reino Unido, España, U.A.E., Rusia, Taiwán, Singapur, Dubai y Malasia.

Uptime Institute ahora está buscando un profesional en desarrollo de negocios con experiencia desarrollando el negocio de consultoría en la industria de centros de datos. Esta posición ayudará a expandir las actividades de ventas en Sudamérica a través de la cartera de servicios actuales y en desarrollo.

Con base Sudamérica, esta posición será responsable de promover conceptos y servicios, así como concretar contratos de servicio (por políticas de la empresa) para Uptime Institute. El enfoque de este profesional de desarrollo de negocios incluirá organizaciones de la industria de centros de datos y profesionales, tanto para las cuentas existentes y nuevas de la región.

El director de desarrollo de negocios generará nuevas oportunidades directas e indirectas / ventas de terceros para los Tiers de Uptime Institute, sostenibilidad operativa, la debida diligencia y los servicios profesionales de M & O (Gestión y Operaciones) en Sudamérica.

Los servicios profesionales que incluyen la certificación y consultoría tanto en la infraestructura (Evaluaciones, exámenes preliminares y Certificaciones Tier), operaciones (Certificación Tier de Operación Sostenible y sello gestión de la sostenibilidad y Operaciones) y el apoyo estratégico en el desarrollo e implementación de una sólida Programas de Gestión de Instalaciones (Gestión de Instalaciones y Operaciones [FMO]).


  • Trabajar en estrecha colaboración con el equipo de ventas de Latinoamérica, así como el equipo ejecutivo global, para identificar oportunidades estratégicas, a largo plazo, y toda la cartera de servicios.
  • Desarrollar y gestionar las oportunidades nuevas así como oportunidades en curso así como en entrenamiento de la industria en las ofertas de servicios.
  • Manejo de oportunidades potenciales, apoyando el alcance y negociación de precios, culminando en una propuesta y el inicio de la fase de contrato.
  • Mantener la información de ventas puntual y precisa así como el seguimiento a través del CRM (Salesforce) de Uptime Institute.
  • Facilitar el seguimiento y proporcionar informes de actividades a la alta dirección.
  • Viajes en apoyo de eventos de Uptime Institute para el desarrollo comercial, tanto nacionales como en el extranjero son necesarios para este puesto.

Requisitos y Calificaciones:

  • 3-5 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de negocios y perfil de desarrollo de mercado con éxito demostrable en la identificación de nuevos clientes potenciales, desarrollo de oportunidades de negocio, y el cierre de contratos de consultoría.
  • Fuerte conocimiento de la Administración de la Infraestructura del Centro de Datos.
  • Capacidad para reconocer, explorar, desarrollar el alcance de servicios consistentes con el enfoque y la misión de Uptime Institute así su oferta de servicios de consultoría.
  • Historial comprobable de ventas superior a los objetivos, con énfasis en asegurar y ampliar las relaciones rentables con los clientes.
  • Se dará preferencia a los candidatos con un conocimiento amplio de la planificación de centros de datos, diseño, construcción y operaciones, y un historial de venta de servicios de consultoría en Centros de Datos.
  • Habilidades verbales y escritas fuertes con experiencia probada en materia técnica.
  • Establecimiento fuerte de relaciones, negociación y habilidades interpersonales.
    Un enfoque centrado en el cliente.
  • Es necesario una fluidez en inglés y el portugués será un diferencial.


Director, Business Development – location North America

Title: Director, Business Development

Report to: Vice President, North America
Location: NAM

Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business-critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. Uptime Institute serves all stakeholders responsible for IT service availability through industry leading standards, education, peer-to-peer networking, consulting, and award programs delivered to enterprise organizations and third-party operators, manufacturers, and providers. Uptime Institute is recognized globally for the creation and administration of the Tier Standards & Certifications for Data Center Design, Construction, and Operations, along with its Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval, FORCSS® methodology, and Efficient IT Stamp of Approval. Uptime Institute—The Global Data Center Authority®—has office locations in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, U.K., Spain, U.A.E., Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Uptime Institute is now seeking a business development professional with experience developing consulting business in the data center industry. This position will help expand the company’s global sales activities across the current and developing service portfolio.

This position will be responsible to promote concepts and services, and close contracts (per company policies) for Uptime Institute services. The focus of this business development professional will include data center industry organizations and professionals for both existing and new accounts in the region.

The Director of Business Development will generate new direct and indirect/third-party sales opportunities for Uptime Institute’s Tiers, Operational Sustainability, Due Diligence and M&O (Management & Operations) professional services in their region.

The professional services include certification and consulting on both infrastructure (Due Diligence Assessments, Preliminary Reviews and Tier Certification) and operations (Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability Management & Operations Stamp of Approval) and strategic support in the development and implementation of a robust Facilities Management Programs (Facilities Management & Operations ([FMO] Advisory).


  • Work closely with regional sales team, as well as with the global executive team, to identify all strategic, long-term, or portfolio-wide opportunities.
  • Develop and manage incoming leads and ongoing industry outreach, including education of the industry regarding these offerings and the IP upon which they are based.
  • Manage maturing leads, supporting scope and price negotiation culminating in a proposal, and initiating the contract phase.
  • Maintain timely and accurate sales information and tracking through Uptime Institute's CRM (SalesForce).
  • Facilitate follow-up and provide roll-up reporting to senior management
  • Domestic travel in support of Uptime Institute events and on-site business development are requisite for this position.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • 5 -7 years’ experience in Business development and market development background with demonstrable success in identifying new prospective customers, building a pipeline, and closing consulting agreements.
  • Experience and knowledge of the global Data Center market.
  • Capability to recognize, explore, and scope consulting services consistent with the focus and mission of Uptime Institute and its service offerings.
  • Proven sales track record exceeding goals with emphasis on securing and expanding profitable customer relationships.
  • Preference given for candidates with an Intimate knowledge of data center planning, design, construction, and operations—and a track record of selling services in this data center consulting discipline.
  • Strong verbal and written skills with proven experience in technical subject matter.
  • Strong networking, negotiating, and interpersonal skills.
  • A customer-centric approach.


Sales Analyst – location UK

Position: Sales Operations Analyst

Reports to: Chief Commercial Officer

Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business-critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. Uptime Institute serves all stakeholders responsible for IT service availability through industry leading standards, education, peer-to-peer networking, consulting, and award programs delivered to enterprise organizations and third-party operators, manufacturers, and providers. Uptime Institute is recognized globally for the creation and administration of the Tier Standards & Certifications for Data Center Design, Construction, and Operations, along with its Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval, FORCSS® methodology, and Efficient IT Stamp of Approval.

Uptime Institute – The Global Data Center Authority®, has office locations in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, U.K., Spain, U.A.E., Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Visit for more information.

Uptime Institute Professional Services is growing to meet the demand of the industry and seeks an experienced individual to assist in its vigorous global expansion.

Reporting to the Senior Vice President, Sales Analyst will be primarily responsible for the administration, management, and communications of sales process for the region. In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for monthly sales forecasting, as well as reporting against a variety of sales metrics around closed business, renewals, and pipeline. The Sales Analyst will work collaboratively with our global, internal teams, particularly, Sales, Delivery, Product Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Senior Management.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee pipeline management and meet regularly with each IMEA sales director to improve pipeline completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and overall integrity, ensuring timely conversion to opportunities
  • Support the sales team with process improvement, measurement, tracking and analytics relevant to their functional areas
  • Oversight of allocation and assignment through regional sales organization of results of lead generation and qualification activities, in partnership with marketing
  • Ensure comprehensive Salesforce policy adherence
  • Report key metrics including (i) pipeline initiation and growth, (ii) dormant accounts, (iii) close-lost opportunities, (iv) lead conversion rate, (v) win-loss ratio and (vi) accuracy of ongoing sales forecasting
  • Manage and track sales team logged activities
  • Track Market and Industry event leads and ensure they are logged into salesforce and followed up effectively by the individual sales directors
  • Plan, coordinate and provide both new hire and ongoing sales training for direct sales and partner organizations
  • Coordinate activities and reporting with Global Sales Support team


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant business experience, preferably in technology/digital infrastructure Experience of sales operations especially as it relates to pipeline management
  • Hard working and diligent personality with strong attention to detail
  • Analytical, logical, and strategic thinker, able to organize, structure and communicate ideas clearly Goal oriented: able to manage multiple priorities with competing deadlines, eliminate obstacles and drive success; able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  • Adaptable and able to respond quickly to a constantly changing and growing business environment
  • Strong communication skills: confident interacting with business stakeholders and managing their expectations Advanced Excel, Salesforce, and data management skill