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Data Center Risk Assessment

Data Center M&A activity reached an all time high in 2017, fueled by enterprise data center outsourcing, increased compute density in existing facilities and broad industry consolidation.

These rapid changes, paired with a data center labor shortage resulting in high turnover of key personnel, mean data center owners, operators and portfolio managers are operating and relying on data center assets that may not align with their business needs.

Uptime Institute has a team of global consultants who have certified and inspected thousands of enterprise-grade data center facilities around the world. Our Data Center Risk Assessment product brings our industry expertise directly to you, resulting in a fast and comprehensive assessment of your facility's infrastructure, mechanical systems and operations protocols.  

The outcome of your assessment is a set of objective, actionable recommendations for risk mitigation and remediation to close any gaps and align your site's infrastructure and operations with business requirements and industry best practices.

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An Objective Assessment Delivered and Aligned to Your Needs

Existing Facility Assessment

Whether you have acquired new data center assets in your portfolio, experienced significant turnover in your facility or operations teams or have new executive leadership that is looking for an audit of your facilities and operations practices, we can help.  Our assessment is a comprehensive review that examines both facility design and operations, aligned to Uptime Institute's Tier Standard: Topology and Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability specifications which have been considered an industry benchmark for decades.

Critical System Outage Review

The costs and impacts of data center outages is skyrocketing as our reliance on digital infrastructure increases.  The days and weeks following an outage can be incredibly taxing on an organization.  Our team of data center consultants can assist you in the outage root cause analysis and post-mortem process, helping you identify risk factors that may have led to the outage and to address infrastructure concerns and operations shortcomings to reduce the likelihood of a future outage event.

Data Center Portfolio Planning

Whether you are considering expansion of your existing facilities, consolidation of multiple data center sites or an acquisition or divestiture of data center assets, our team can help you identify the infrastructure and operational health of those assets, remaining lifespan of the facility and overall resiliency of your key data center assets.  We can perform these assessments quickly and discreetly to align with your needs around merger and acquisition transactions.

Data Center Risk Assessment


Tier Assessment

Holistic assessment of your existing facility to determine the most likely Tier-rating based on site topology.

Identify Infrastructure Constraints

Evaluation of power, cooling and computer room/space constraints.

Infrastructure Review

Reviews of key facility infrastructure systems including utility, engine generators, power backbone, UPS & batteries, critical power distribution, cooling/refrigeration plant  (DX or chilled water), UPS cooling and computer room cooling systems.

Operations Review

Evaluation of your maintenance program, staffing protocols, organization and communication structure and your staff training programs.

Capacity Management Review

Evaluation of your space, power and cooling capacity management processes.

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