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To design, manage, and operate the critical infrastructure your business depends on, you need the most authoritative, evidence-based, and unbiased guidance.

Uptime Institute has certified over 1000 leading data center facilities worldwide for design, construction, management, and operations - serving as our client's trusted partner in ensuring their facilities and operations meet key business objectives. 

Our Efficient IT practice provides an independent assessment of Leadership, Operations, Asset Management, and Data Center design choices. Because our assessment is informed by decades of experience in the industry and focuses on delivering a set of actionable recommendations to our clients at the end of the assessment, Efficient IT customers typically see a 10-20x return on investment on their Efficient IT engagement through cost-savings and improved operational efficiencies.

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"Uptime Institute’s Efficient IT Stamp of Approval is a strong confirmation that our management functions of IT, data center engineering, finance, and sustainability are aligned. We look forward to improving how we source energy and ultimately reaching our goal of 100 percent renewable energy." read full interview >>
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VP of Production Operations & IT

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Efficient IT Assessment Benefits
  • Focuses on the Often OverlookedEfficient IT is a proven methodology that enables business services to be delivered using a cost structure that is aligned with the business itself. Uptime Institute Efficient IT assessments focus on the efficiency of resource utilization and management processes required to deliver these services. By reducing overhead and waste, an organization's sustainability footprint is directly supported.
  • Provides Third Party Assessment and GuidanceEfficient IT provides an independent assessment of IT leadership, operational processes, asset management and utilization, and data center design choices. Your Efficient IT account team will visit each data center in your portfolio to review data center operations, perform gap-analysis on tools needed to capture key Efficient IT metrics and perform a post-site visit teleconference with you to discuss key observations.
  • Delivers Value and SavingsEfficient IT customers realize both dramatic long-term savings in operational expenditures and significant increases in asset utilization, directly supporting strategic corporate responsibility initiatives. Efficient IT customers have reported a 10-20x return on investment on Efficient IT engagements through cost-savings and improved operational efficiencies, with a demonstrable positive impact on corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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Getting Started with Efficient IT Overview of the Efficient IT Five Part Client Engagement

Discovery CallComplimentary discussion with an Efficient IT consultant to perform needs assessment, solution alignment and client's key business objectives

Orientation CallYour Efficient IT account team will discuss assessment details, project scoping, coordination of tasks and schedule, review requirements and expectations for on-site visits

On-Site ReviewYour Efficient IT account team will visit each data center in the portfolio to review data center operations, perform gap-analysis on tools needed to capture key Efficient IT metrics and then perform a post-site teleconference with customer to discuss key observations.

Delivery of Efficient IT Assessment and Key FindingsYour Efficient IT account team will perform the Efficient IT Assessment based on site visits and interviews with executive leadership, then prepare a detailed report with scores for each key area, a report containing detailed findings and a list of actionable recommendations on how to improve IT efficiency.

Presentation of Efficient IT AwardYour Efficient IT account team will deliver an award letter, electronic stamp and physical plaque to exhibit your commitment to Efficient IT practices.

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