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Efficient IT Assessment & Stamp of Approval

Enterprise IT can consume many resources, and our way of prioritizing and communicating that usage is through Efficient IT. Our Efficient IT Assessment is the first and only holistic evaluation of enterprise IT organizations, focused on reducing waste, improving financial controls and lowering carbon emissions.

The assessment evaluates more than just the technology itself. Our team also looks at management behaviors across leadership and the IT Infrastructure. Efficient IT is the industry’s only outcome-based evaluation, offering practical recommendations to leverage existing technologies and adopt new ones where they would lead to improvements. Training or changes to staff can also be an important part of Efficient IT.

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Three Elements of Holistic Approach


Managing technology adoption gracefully and effectively is a key part of reducing resource consumption. The members of leadership that make these decisions must have the right kind of training and support structures for this work, as well as promote effective goals, company culture and organization.

Here are some of the areas we look at regarding an organization's leadership and energy-efficient data centers:

  • Cloud Computing Strategy
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Culture & Recognition
  • Energy Management Program
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Cost Modeling & Reporting
  • KPIs & Targets
  • DCIM Implementation

IT Infrastructure

As you can imagine, IT infrastructure is a critical component of an efficient data center. Our data center consumption assessment involves looking at the way your IT assets align with business and sustainability goals. They should be well-managed and operate with as little waste as possible.

  • Server, Network, Storage Utilization
  • Cloud Consumption & Utilization
  • Applications Resiliency & Redundancy
  • IT Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Tools & Insights
  • Computer Room Master Plan
  • Rack Management
  • Space, Power, Cooling Optimization

Data Center

Similarly, the data center energy efficiency assessment evaluates how the building runs. We look for innovative and effective investments in efficiency during the site planning and design phases of developing a data center. Efficient organizations look for sustainable designs and think hard about their overall setup.

Some elements of the data center that we evaluate include:

  • Site Selection
  • Utility Mix
  • Phasing & Scaling
  • Resiliency & Redundancy
  • Sustainability Design Features
  • Space, Power, Cooling Design
  • Tools & Insights
  • Consolidation & Decommissioning

Delivering Value Across the Organization and Savings to the Bottom Line

Multiple departments and disciplines, including infrastructure, finance, risk, innovation, and sustainability stakeholders at enterprises, web-scale, and cloud organizations have benefitted from Efficient IT’s score-based approach.

Customers of our Efficient IT Assessment have seen both dramatic long-term savings in operational expenditures and significant increases in asset utilization, which directly supports strategic corporate initiatives. They have reported a 10-200x return on investment on Efficient IT engagements through cost-savings and improved efficiencies, with a demonstrable positive impact on corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Energy-efficient data centers are incredibly valuable to an organization. If you want to ensure yours is as sustainable as possible, consider a data center efficiency assessment that can help you reduce costs and lessen your carbon footprint.

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