Data Center Assessments

Data Centers are a significant investment for any organization and that investment extends well beyond the initial capital costs of building and commissioning the facility.

Our Tier Standards serve as the industry benchmark for data center design and operations best practices.  After having certified over 1,600 data centers to those standards around the globe, we are in a position to be able to provide fast, efficient and comprehensive assessments to existing sites in the areas of infrastructure, operations and data center efficiency.

Our Data Center Assessments are structured to help you maximize the value of your data center throughout its lifecycle.  We help you ensure your infrastructure has redundant components in place to manage maintenance as well as critical events.  We help you assess your operations protocols and procedures to reduce the risk of human error and build a world-class operations team.  We help you evaluate data center efficiency to minimize costs and maximize utilization.

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Objective Assessments of your Data Center Assets & Operations

Infrastructure Assessments

Our Tier Classifications were created to describe the site-level infrastructure required to sustain data center operations. 

Our Data Center Infrastructure assessment products review all site infrastructure subsystems including mechanical systems, on-site power production, fuel storage, refrigeration, UPS modules, heating and cooling systems, power transfer devices and component redundancy. 

Assessment of a New Design

Assessment of Existing Infrastructure

Operations Assessments

Regardless of the engineering design, system technologies, and infrastructure that are in place at a facility, the most common cause of unplanned downtime is human error.  

Our operational excellence assessment programs incorporate the learnings of over 20 years of site visits at critical facilities around the world into best practices to help data center owners and operators introduce consistency, transparency and industry best practices into their data center management and operations processes.

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Efficiency Assessments

Data center technology changes every day, both in regards to the site infrastructure as well as the IT load.   Even if you optimize for ratios like Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), you may be powering too much IT load to begin with - over provisioning servers and hardware to meet your modern needs.  

Our Data Center Efficiency assessments look at factors including hardware utilization, IT asset lifecycle, utility mix, energy management and more to help you get a holistic view into your data center efficiency.

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