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Formed to address and resolve issues affecting data center performance, the Network continues to provide relevant and trending wisdom from and for industry leaders. By identifying best practices, quantifying metrics, and improving organizational and technical efficiency, Network members have steadily improved Facilities and IT operations.

There is no questioning the fact that data centers have issues. The issue that you are dealing with today, someone in the Network more than likely has already solved and survived. The peer-to-peer interaction gives you on-demand consultation and the benefit of someone else's growing pains.

The Uptime Institute Network offers meaningful peer-to-peer interaction and a safe forum for knowledge transfer free from the influence of vendors or concern over trade secrets. Membership includes access to evidence-based best-practice information, benchmarking and reports, detailed error and incident tracking and trends, regional events, and behind-the-scenes tours of state-of-the-art data center facilities. Members benefit from sharing experiences, lessons learned, and solutions. Many members credit their participation in the Network with giving them the keys to their organization’s ongoing success. We invite you to join the Network.

Uptime Institute Network Meetings Now Qualify for CPD Credits

Uptime Institute has earned CPD Accreditation through The CPD Standards Office.

CPD Accreditation means attending Uptime Institute Network Meetings qualifies as continuing education credits toward earning and maintaining professional certifications and designations associated with your profession.

If you are a Network Member and would like more information, email us at info@uptimeinstitute.com.


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