Webinar: Achieving Management and Operations Excellence

No matter how well designed and built your data center infrastructure may be, ultimately it is the day-to-day operations activities and management decisions that dictate the success or failure of your mission.

The leading cause of downtime in the data center is human error. To mitigate risks, achieve your business goals, and meet uptime requirements, it is critical to unify operating behaviors with the functionality of your infrastructure.

In this presentation, join four data center management and operations experts as they discuss how they have achieved M&O excellence across their global portfolios leveraging the Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval.

Panelists on this discussion:

  • Lee Kirby, CTO, Uptime Institute
  • John Sheputis, President, Infomart Data Centers
  • Herb Alvarez, Director of Global Engineering & Critical Facilities, AIG
  • Joel Stone, Vice President of Global Data Center Operations, CenturyLink

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