Webinar: AOL discusses IT Efficiency and Server Decommissioning

Join Jeff Davis, Technical Director of Worldwide Integration and Data Center Operations at AOL in a Q&A session as he discusses server decommissioning and energy savings efforts undertaken at AOL as a means to increase IT efficiency.

Questions covered in this presentation:

  • What caused AOL to take up IT efficiency and equipment decommissioning efforts?
  • What department or business condition inspired the IT efficiency efforts?
  • Did the Time Warner-AOL divestiture make the project easier to sell to management?
  • What were the barriers to decommissioning servers?
  • Did you experience any downsides or difficulties throughout this initiative?
  • Did the efforts require gaining buy-in or coordination from other business units?
  • What cost savings did you experience from the decommissioning and what drove the savings?
  • Aside from cost and energy savings, what other benefits did you achieve from the decommissining effort?

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