Webinar: Five Data Center Predictions for 2024

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Webinar: Five Data Center Predictions for 2024

Douglas Donnellan (Moderator), Research Analyst
Andy Lawrence, Executive Director of Research
Max Smolaks, Research Analyst
Jacqueline Davis, Research Analyst
John O’Brien, Senior Research Analyst


Uptime Intelligence looks beyond the more obvious trends of 2024 and identifies and examines some of the latest developments and their associated limitations. Strong demand for IT and increasingly high-density IT systems, along with the need to meet tough sustainability requirements, will drive a new wave of investment. Operators will be forced to respond to issues around scale and complexity, as well as innovations in cooling, software and power, while engineering will be pushed to new limits. Join us for an exciting webinar that will cover Uptime Intelligence’s team’s top five issues in its 2024 Outlook.


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