Webinar: M&O Excellence Series with CenturyLink’s Kelly Sullivan

In this webinar, join Uptime Institute’s CTO, Lee Kirby and CenturyLink's Vice President of Global Data Center Operations, Kelly Sullivan as they discuss how the M&O Stamp of Approval measures operational effectiveness to determine quality of service, mitigate risk, and improve performance across a portfolio of data centers.

As one of the world’s leading telecommunications and colocation providers, CenturyLink has unique perspective on global IT operations and the challenges of integrating multiple facilities into a unified operation with consistent standards.  

During this presentation,  CenturyLink's Kelly Sullivan shares insights from working with Uptime Institute to benchmark and refine operations across their portfolio of 57 data center sites.  Sullivan shares the actions taken, at both the site and organizational level, that are driving the standard for excellence and ensuring consistency, performance, and delivery of mission critical services to its customers.

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