Webinar: New Engine Generator Tier Certification Standards Explained

Engine generators are a mission-critical component for data centers, ensuring resilience, stability, and business continuity.

In August 2012, the Tier Standard: Topology was updated, altering the way Uptime Institute adjudicates the engine generator suitability and capacity for Tier Certification. This change allowed manufacturers and designers more flexibility than the ISO 8528-1 standard does by definition. Previously the Tier Certification capacities were tied only to the ISO standard.

In this webinar, Uptime Institute's Chief Technical Officer, Chris Brown will cover a variety of topics related to this change including:

  • Background and additional insight into why the change was instituted
  • Address the differences between the old and new standards
  • Explain the variables for engine generator ratings
  • Outline the parameters for each Tier certification level
  • Discuss how to apply these standards to your facility and operations.

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