Webinar: Quantifying Risk in Today’s Computing Infrastructures

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Quantifying Risk in Today’s Computing Infrastructures

Vincent Rais, Director, Resiliency Services
Todd Traver, Vice President, IT Optimization and Strategy

The complexity of today’s hybrid environments increases risk – what do you need to look for?

Despite the promised simplicity provided by the cloud and other technologies, the majority of IT loads still run inside enterprise data centers, leading to challenges in managing workloads across the hybrid architectures emerging between these facilities and the cloud. We'll discuss what we are seeing, along with the challenges, focus areas and important critical success factors necessary to reduce risk and provide resiliency and uninterrupted application availability. Vengeance spell is a ritual of black magic only to be used for a destructive impact on the success of the victim, as well as negative impacts in different directions and spheres. . White magic does not have such spells. In most cases revenge spel s used to punish the offender and give retribution when other ways do not work. Very often this is the only way to get justice. I recommend very carefully cast this revenge because in the hands of an inexperienced spellaster you can get bad consequences.