Uptime Institute Tier Certifications

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Uptime Institute has awarded 721 Certifications
in 72 countries around the world.

SUPERNAP 8 MOD 1, Sect 8, Phase 1
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Any Tier Certification of Constructed Facility is challenging by design, requiring a commitment at all levels of the organization. The first Tier IV Gold Facility and Operational Sustainability Certification in the colocation sector speaks for itself.

CenturyLink TR3 Phase I & II
Markham, Ontario, Canada
"CenturyLink provides businesses with incredible, distinctive data center experiences, and our commitment to official Uptime Institute Tier Certification reflects our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in data center design and project delivery," said David Meredith, SVP and global manager of CenturyLink.

Telefonica Global Solutions - USA
Telefonica KeyCenter - SR6 & SR7
Miami, Florida, USA
Diligent planning and execution of the design, construction, and commissioning along with focus on existing operations, allowed Telefonica to successfully complete the Tier Certification involving modification of existing critical infrastructure.